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Outdoor bedroom under the redwoods.

For curling up with a good book, it's hard to beat this outdoor bed under the redwood trees. Inside the bed's mitered redwood frame, a recessed plywood platform rests on 4-by-4 posts and supports the twin-bed air mattress.

Behind the bed, a 16-foot-wide screen rises 9 feet to shield the view and to support some of the 4-by-6 beams extending from the house. The beams create an open grid that suggests a roof.

Inset in the screen frame are panels of diagonal redwood 1-by-2s, with open triangles at the bases to add visual interest. Design was by landscape architect Jack Buktenica of Palo Alto, California, for Sunny Birkhead, Mountain View.
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Date:Jun 1, 1985
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