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Out with the old leaf mould; diary.

TURN OVER A NEW LEAF: Some of our New Year's resolutions are already happening. Not only has last year's leaf mould heap been cleared, huge tree pots and trugs full of the lovely, crumbly dark brown material have been distributed by Jamie around the shady side of the garden, ready for mulching the small beds.

Meanwhile the new lot of leaves are in dumpy bags and about to be used to create a new heap.

SNOW RIGHT: I finally got round to planting my special snowdrop - nameless but delightful, with large, heavy drops and very robust. It shows up well in the shady parts of the garden and is happy living in our heavy, wet soil.

There are already lots of its bulbs in one small bed but now they've been joined by loads more, planted singly using a cabbage trowel, which makes a small but deep hole.

COMFREY COMFORT: Before I started, it was time to remove masses of comfrey - the small species Symphytum grandiflorum h that makes dense mats of foliage.

Its white flowers are tinged with orange and, like all members of the borage family to which it belongs, bees adore it.

All comfrey is good for the soil in that, being deep rooted, it brings up minerals and trace elements from deep in the soil. So all the comfrey leaves are going straight on the compost heap.

At this time of year, it is difficult to find the 'green' element - one of the three essential ingredients for any compost making. But a thin layer of comfrey leaves will be a great addition.

Grass clippings are another ingredient that help and gardeners with lawns have too much for their compost heaps. By now, the lawnmower has usually been put away till spring but this year the grass has kept on growing.

Since we have no lawn, perhaps my neighbours who have masses of grass will let us to take some of their clippings away? It would do wonders along with the comfrey for our compost heap.


Robust... Snowdrops

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jan 2, 2016
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