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In a time when dot-coms are logging off the scene in record numbers, and the bear dominates Wall Street, the queer marketplace seems to be thriving more than ever online. So stop pulling your hair our while trying to find quality lesbian merchandise on straight Web sites. If you're looking for something lesbian, land on the much-needed pages of the Lesbian Shopper ( These ladies have done all the work for you by tirelessly scouring the Web to bring you the best in lesbian gear.

"Our primary goal is to unite lesbian talents, skills, services, and expertise all under one umbrella," say TLS owners, which they do in a professional, discreet manner.

The Lesbian Shopper (TLS) features lesbian-owned and/or operated businesses, offering everything from top-notch books, magazines, movies, and apparel to sexy posters and prints that were designed to make the onlooker short of breath. But if that doesn't fill your void, you may want to check out their meaty personals database.

While the site is a wee bit slow in loading, be patient, because what you'll find is well worth the wait. Once you're in, navigating, selecting and checking out items is a piece of cake. The staff is friendly and always willing to consider product, site and business suggestions.

NEXT STOP: PROGAYJOBS.COM, an online agency focused on getting you the best gay gigs in town. The site has lots of job postings up for grabs from queer-owned and/or queer-friendly-operated businesses. The best part? It's free for job seekers. You can create a personalized Web page to monitor your resume and desired positions (if you're not resume-savvy, the site also offers helpful recommendations in putting one together).

"There probably isn't a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender worker who hasn't at one time felt that their personal lifestyle or sexual orientation didn't mesh with their work situation. A large percentage has encountered some form of discrimination," says Steve Zwillinger. "Knowing whether a company supports diversity hasn't been easy, but will change that."

Companies are welcome to list on ProGayJobs -- so long as they meet the strict screening criteria, which include the implementation of diversity training, domestic partner benefits and inclusion programs. Job seekers can easily access company profiles to see whether a job meets their personal requirements.

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Author:Huwig, Pam
Date:May 1, 2001
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