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Out of touch with nature.

YOUR correspondent Mr A Disgruntled of Whickham is probably right that the reduction in grass cutting is initially about a shortfall in budgets.

However, Gateshead Council is also correct in saying it is a good thing to encourage wildflowers, bees and other insects.

Almost all (97%) of our wild flower meadows have disappeared in the last twenty years because of intensive farming practices.

The diversity of plant life they contained fed bees and other insects including butterflies. This in turn brought in bird life, bats and other mammals which feed on insects. The production of our food depends on bees and other insects pollinating fruit and some vegetables.

In some areas, up to 90% of the English apple crop is lost this year because the fruit was not pollinated by bees in April.

Your English apples, Mr A Disgruntled, will be very expensive as a result. Plums and some other fruit will also be expensive.

Strawberries are in short supply, and expensive for much the same reason, and you will probably complain about this too. Where does Mr A Disgruntled think his cooking oil comes from? It comes from seeds pollinated by bees and other insects; poor pollination equals a poor crop and high prices for consumers.

The great British public seems to have completely lost touch with nature and where our food comes from and how. Well done Gateshead Council for giving nature a chance in an urban area.

As long as play and leisure areas, paths and sight lines are cut as now why not let the grass and wildflowers grow elsewhere? In late summer, after the flowers have seeded, the council will cut back these areas and gradually a beautiful wild flower area will develop, much more interesting than boring close-cut grass. Newcastle please copy!

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 2, 2012
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