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Out of the 80 Percent of Companies Who Have Invested in Artificial Intelligence, LG Remains in the Forefront of the Industry.

2018 witnessed major changes in the world of technology and a trail of stunning development that contributed to the progress of the foundation of artificial intelligence. Innovations have taken on many aspects of everyday life, both at home and in various business sectors. Today, technology is an integral part of the new lifestyle that everyone has become a part of. Artificial Intelligence has entered the world of manufacturing, medicine and human sciences, based on the notion that the only constant in technology is change, advancement and innovation.

The term artificial intelligence first appeared in 1956 when the American scientist John McCarthy was one of the founding fathers of this branch of human knowledge. The sole purpose behind inventing in an electronic mind was to create intelligent machines that interact and engage like humans. The famous British mathematician Alan Turing suggested that the real indicator of measuring computer intelligence is our inability to distinguish between the machine's answer and the human answer to the same question, which has been achieved recently.

2019 is expected to be the year of artificial intelligence, unique TV screens and the fastest Internet. Many business sectors have already entered this race with a great ambition to be on top. LG has been right at the forefront of this competition as a company that has long paid special attention to technological development and innovation. It has taken the lead through its advanced technology and future thinking that reflects in its integrated range of products featuring artificial intelligence, which are now widely recognized worldwide.

The LG Deep ThinQ platform gave the products the power to predict users' needs and adapt to their different behaviours. The Hom-Bot's leading vacuum cleaner distinguishes objects using three cameras to scan the roof and floor with 51 sensors, allowing it to perceive what surrounds them in their environment all the time. LG SIGNATURE InstaView also analyses the usage and eating patterns of its users. It can also prepare ice or change the sterilization system patterns according to external temperature. LG DualCool ThinQ Stand Inverter can adjust airflow strength thanks to sensors that can sense how close people are to the device. There is also a selection of LG 2018 SUPER UHD TVs equipped with the LG (Alpha 7) processor, built with Deep ThinQ technology.

The immense potential of artificial intelligence is further confirmed by the size of large investment and the pursuit of expansion of smart technology. Last year, entrepreneurs, companies, and investors poured in an estimated $ 3.6 billion in artificial intelligence and automation.

Although artificial intelligence in our daily lives is highly debated, the unprecedented rise in investment in artificial intelligence reaffirms its impact and importance. The amount of companies investing in artificial intelligence today has increased to 80%, according to Forbes, with 30% of the companies planning to expand their investment in artificial intelligence over the next 36 months. This trend will be a major challenge to many areas covered by innovation. LG, as a leader in the artificial intelligence integrated electronics, will continue to extend its solutions to the market by offering the best products within the ThinQ range, which has so far surpassed consumer expectations.

The Kingdom has expressed its interest in developing the capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence, by driving the advancement of the technology sector in line with the vision of 2030. Artificial intelligence has received a great deal of attention following the Kingdom's signing of the memorandum of understanding with specialized international companies to contribute to the digital transformation of the Kingdom. The Kingdom has also started establishing future projects on the basis of artificial intelligence.

The NEOM project is one of Saudi Arabia's fully-fledged artificial intelligence-driven projects. NEOM's design is based on the concept of the smart city featuring high-quality infrastructure, roads, transportation and communications, which will be available through the "automatic translator", in order to achieve the "Saudi Vision 2030" which aims at moving towards the world of innovation through technological development.

According to the latest international reports, China and North America are the leaders of the integration of artificial intelligence in the productive process. Their total economic gains will result in boosting the productivity of their economies with artificial intelligence to about $ 10.7 trillion by 2030, equivalent to about 70% of the total economic impact of artificial intelligence on the global economy.

As the frontrunner of the artificial intelligence revolution, LG plans to unveil almost all major sectors, from technology to healthcare, agriculture, transportation, engineering and more.

Many governments and private sectors in the Kingdom have started developing their capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence and acquiring knowledge and technologies related to it. They can take advantage of LG's capabilities, especially as the investment in the field of artificial intelligence is promising and opening up many opportunities that generate high profits

In addition, a smarter world through Internet of Things and artificial intelligence cannot be achieved without using the fifth generation's high capacity and high speed. Because the system is capable of carrying large numbers of communications all at the same time, the fifth generation is critical to the development of smart cities, independent cars, and smart homes.

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Date:Dec 20, 2018
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