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OurSay: WELL done, Doug Ellis, for such.

WELL done, Doug Ellis, for such a clear parting of the waves. David O'Leary's departure is absolutely the right decision. The Midlands' only Premiership football club cannot have a manager whose heart is not behind it.

But O'Leary's seismic departure is merely the first stage of a wider change that must now happen.

We understand that you cannot go today, or even next week, Mr Ellis.

Your club is in crisis and needs stabilising with a new manager delivering a fresh strategy for a rebuilt team.

Once this has been achieved, and not too far down the line - perhaps mid-season when Villa are still climbing the table - you will surely know that it is time to plan your own departure.

In so many ways you have been a great chairman, keeping your club solvent when rivals have lost more than their heads.

But the pinnacle of this achievement will only be reached if you realise that the time is nigh.

After winning so many battles over the years, do you really want to quit like a boxer who has taken one punch too many?

If no sale is in the offing, it will be right and proper for you to simply stand aside for a younger boardroom boss, with you taking the role of a well-liked 'president' or some such title, visiting the ground to watch home matches every fortnight.

THREE children snatched from their Birmingham home face deportation back to Pakistan - after their family of asylum seekers exhausted a five-year application process to stay in the UK.

A head of year at Four Dwellings High School says fellow pupils have been upset by this sudden action.

Birmingham, like New York and countless other cities, would not be the fine centre it is without the centuries of migrants who've enriched its culture and business life.

We need a more transparent system of managed immigration which puts the country's needs first, not snatch squads picking on innocent children.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jul 20, 2006
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