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OurSay: 18-month prison sentence.

Byline: AA Taylor, M oseley

THE letters on these pages should leave Judge Daniel Pearce-Higgins in no doubt that the 18-month prison sentence he imposed on the killer of Abigail Craen has caused outrage among this city's ordinary men and women.

But he should listen in particular to the voice of one person - a woman who has been robbed of a loving, talented daughter and has been left bewildered, disappointed and anger at the leniency displayed by the judge.

Susan Craen has joined the Mail's challenge for Judge Pearce-Higgins to explain to her why he he did not jail Jaswinder Singh for longer.

She understandably feels let down by the system. She feels the sentence trivialised Abigail's life. Like many people, she is suspicious of the 'remorse' that so impressed the judge when Singh appeared in court.

Judge Pearce-Higgins owes it to the Craen family to explain just why Singh will be free to walk the streets in a few months' time.

Why he thinks the life of a clever young woman at the threshold of a promising career was worth so little.

Why he paid so little regard to the feelings of those who had loved and raised her.

Is Judge Pearce-Higgins man enough to meet Susan Craen and the Mail to explain himself - or will he hide in his chambers far away from the lives of the people who bear the consequences of his leniency?
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Apr 5, 2006
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