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Our year of living with cancer; Fashion show stars shoot calendar to sum up their battle with breast cancer.

Byline: Jenny Morrison

THEY have all been diagnosed with different types of breast cancer.

And they are all at very different stages of their journey with the disease.

But the stars of this year's Breast Cancer Care Scotland Fashion Show have all been on the same emotional roller coaster.

They say that while most people can imagine the fear and anger they might feel at being diagnosed with breast cancer, it can bring many other emotions too - both wonderful and sad.

So 12 of the models have posed for powerful images they hope sum up what it really feels like to live with breast cancer.

The images are in a calendar the models are selling to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care.

And the most important message is that you can still laugh and live life to the full.

Elaine Baldwin, who came up with the idea, said: "When you are diagnosed with cancer, the first thing you want to do is scream - so we all did.

"We started the calendar by putting together a montage of us all screaming our heads off - which was actually a lot of fun.

"I think most people can understand that scream and know that in our shoes they would feel like screaming, too.

"But there are so many other emotions that you feel.

"Cancer teaches you many things but the most important is how precious each day is.

"This hopefully shows what we have learned.

"We laughed so much that our cheeks hurt.

"But we are so proud and hope that lots of people buy it and help raise a huge amount for charity."

Be part of the show The Breast Cancer Care Scottish Fashion Show is tomorrow at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow. For info, go to: Calendar pics were taken free by Venture Photography, Edinburgh, and the first run was printed free by Loxley Colour, Glasgow. The calendarswillbeonsaleattheshow.

JANUARY The Scream Model: Edel Cochrane Elaine said: "The catwalk models of 2013 want to scream from the rooftops that despite their breast cancer diagnosis you can still look and feel amazing and live life to the full."

JUNE When I'm 64 Model: Fiona Smith Elaine said: "Most of us didn't spend much time wishing we were old - until cancer, when we realised we all wanted to grow old gracefully like our grandparents and see our children grow up."

FEBRUARY Duck Model: Mags Brown Elaine said: "After the shock and the scream, the next emotion was denial. You can't believe this is happening to you and you just want to hide. I decided that whatever life threw at me next I was going to duck - and that's how the others felt."

MARCH Keeping Your Fingers Crossed/ Hope Models: Jackie Donohoe and Julia Hall Elaine said: "Everyone hopes for their own miracle. You hope you will get well. You hope you will live to see your children grow up. Most of all, you hope for a cure."

AUGUST Most Exciting Year of Your Life Models: Alison Gardner and Jackie Donohoe Elaine said: "This is the joy of singing and dancing - and how we want to fill every day with singing, dancing and laughter, as the most exciting year of our lives."

OCTOBER Joy Model: Kay Morgan Elaine said: "You also learn that you have to do what makes you happy - like eating cake!" MAY Support Model: Julie Frackleton Elaine said: "This beautiful image of Julie shows how important the support of family and friends can be to help you get through whatever you are facing. You have to believe that you will get through it."

JULY Humdrum Model: Pat Padden Elaine said: "When you are ill it is often the simple things that you yearn to be able to do again - like cleaning your own house. Getting back to normality can feel good."

SEPTEMBER Love Model: Carol McGillivray Elaine said: "When you are diagnosed with breast cancer it teaches you that it is so important you surround yourself with people you love."

DECEMBER Reach Out and Touch Model: Alison Gardner Elaine said: "We have all lost people we love but while they are gone they are not forgotten. We would give anything to reach out and hold them in our hands again but we have to take comfort from knowing they are the brightest star in the sky."

NOVEMBER Be What You Want to Be Model: Elaine Baldwin Elaine said: "Breast cancer teaches you how important it is to realise your dreams and be the person you want to be."

APRIL Strength Model: Fiona White Elaine said: "You don't know how strong you are until you have to be. Breast cancer brings out your inner strength and you find the courage to face things you never imagined you might have to face."


MONTAGE Models let it all out
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