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YOU have to give Sheffield its due. At least it admitted straight away it couldn't provide the facilities required for a major conference regarding investment in the north of England.

Liverpool has the facilities, and immediately made the arena available, a venue which has already proved time and again how successful it has become for ventures and conferences.

Result? A deafening silence.

Further clear evidence of continued government policy of "managed decline" for this region.

What sort of bribe is expected to be offered? Free board and lodging in our world-class hotels built to accommodate our growing popularity as a tourist venue? Mr Johnson et al are advised to visit this region now, before they need to get their passports stamped at the Mersey Gateway bridge.

Paul McDermott, via email Take control THE closure of Park Road Post Office is a huge blow to the local community. Labour Party activists and councillors protested against this closure. According to the ECHO, the site the Post Office is located on is being earmarked for development by Lidl.

As I understand it, the plans for any development in the city need to be accepted and approved by the city council.

So, why don't the councillors stipulate that there needs to be a Post Office included in this development? Then, we wouldn't have the farcical situation of Labour councillors protesting against a policy which they control.

What's going on? Frank Kenny, L3 Campaign trail CAN we express concern at the ECHO report on the pending byelection in Old Swan? To present the Lib Dems as a threat in old Swan is to ignore the local election results in the area only last May.

Then, both the Liberal Party and Green Party secured more votes than the Lib Dems and Conservative parties.

Since the last local elections, our Liberal Party colleague Mike Coyne has been out campaigning in the ward he lives in, in contrast to the total absence of the Lib Dem Party.

Cllrs Steve Radford, Billy Lake and Joe Dunne, Liberal Party Group Add female voices RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) - the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK - has revealed that BBC Radio Merseyside has recently lost over 45,000 listeners, and I think I know why.

With the single exception of Linda McDermott, who presents a show in the evenings, most of the presenters on the station are male: from Snelly, Sean Styles and Roger Phillips, right up to the teatime presenters, and even the Saturday noon show is presented by male veteran Roger Lyon.

The only time I hear female voices on the station in the daytime is when the traffic and travel or newscasters speak!

Can Radio Merseyside please come into the 21st century and address the balance? More female voices, please. Lauren Greer, via email Celebrate John IT OCCURRED to me that John Lennon was born in 1940, was murdered aged 40 and next year marks the 40th anniversary of his passing.

It's a unique date with the potential to celebrate his life, music, ideas and so much more with people old enough to remember him and those who aren't but love him anyway.

It could also be a great way to get people into the city.

Let's celebrate John Lennon 40:40:40. Who's in? Graeme Egerton, Isle of Wight I love this country I FEEL I must reply to Mr Roberts of Wallasey. He tells us he is from Liverpool. He is a supporter of Marxism and Trotskyism, if you can do both, and was "blacklisted" as a teacher and journalist.

We now find out he is anti-British. What a shock.

I love this country. I have Union flag T-shirts and shorts. I love the history of our great nation. There are regrettable periods, but there is not a country on this planet that has an unblemished record.

I sing the National Anthem at the top of my voice, and despise any foreign garbage that proclaims we have to bow down to state control.

I did a quick check on countries that have a system similar to that which you recommend. They include China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

Wow, people are queuing up to get in there.

Keith Ranford, Aughton Don't complain IN DAYS gone by, people would shovel up and follow carters, milkmen and rag and bone men's horses for manure to put on their gardens (Horse cops told: don't make mess on doorstep, ECHO, August 16).

Were they forward-thinking eco-recyclers and planet saviours? Folk actually pay for horse manure.

This lady had the one-off advantage of free manure (although unwelcome ) from one of our city's beautiful, brave equine constabulary! I pick up after my dog, but it's not feasible for mounted officers to do the same on patrol with their horses.

Can we just step back, think what harm has been caused? Nil. What is the remedy? A bucket of water and not to complain about the natural bodily function of a police horse.

The Mather Avenue Police Horse Shows are legendary. I took my little son there in the 1980s to '90s. They were a great show of public support of our police and great day out. Mrs Whitaker, L36 Same old Tories THROUGHOUT the last 10 years, among other things, we have witnessed the rapid decline of our welfare state, public services and the National Health Service.

We have also seen the rise in homelessness, poverty and inequality.

With a general election around the corner, my only hope is that the millions of people in our towns and cities who have been affected by austerity remember who is responsible for their demise when they go to the ballot box.

The Tory party can change its leader, its slogans and its promises but they are still the same old brutal Tories.

Be warned. The architects of austerity are alive and kicking and waiting to be re-elected.

B O'Hara, Birkenhead Closing ranks SIR ELTON JOHN has come out in defence of Prince Harry's use of a private jet to fly to the south of France.

It's reassuring to know that the glitterati still close ranks when threatened by impending climate change and public disapprobation.

They belong to that privileged elite that stands in the wings pontificating on the need for the great unwashed to protect the environment as they bask in the sun.

I'm sure that Emma Thompson and Lord Sting of Newcastle would concur that we should all try to suspend disbelief while they carry on as normal.

As for Greta Thunberg bobbing across the Atlantic, she will no doubt be offered a leading role in any future remake of Children of the Damned.

Bernie Carroll, L8

Can Radio Merseyside please come into the 21st century and address the balance? More female voices, please. Lauren Greer, via email

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
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Date:Aug 21, 2019
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