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Our wish list for the Woodworking Industry Conference.

Next month the Wood Machinery Manufacturers Assn., the Woodworking Machinery Importers Ass. and the Woodworking Machinery Distributors Assn. meet in Palm Springs, Calif., for the first time as a cooperative group at the 1992 Woodworking Industry Conference. We congratulate all of the parties involved.

We are particularly pleased that the WMMA and WMIA appear to have laid down their weapons and will attempt to forge a new direction for the woodworking machinery sector in the United States.

The associations have selected the theme "Foundation for the Future" for the meeting and are using a tree as the conference's symbol. This is an appropriate choice because, to be sure, the associations have the opportunity to establish roots that could develop into positive growth for years to come.

For what it's worth, WOOD & WOOD PRODUCTS would like to offer some suggestions to the participants of the WIC as they attempt to build a new foundation:

* Once and for all, end negative advertising regarding domestic vs. foreign woodworking machinery and vice versa. Buying equipment because it was made in America, Germany or Italy is irrelevant to the end-user fighting for survival. Get on with the job at hand -- providing the U.S. woodworking industry with the best possible machines and service to do the job. Why not advertise the virtues of member companies' training programs or significant association accomplishments?

* Unite for product liability reform. All three associations have so much at stake here. A single powerful voice representing the U.S. woodworking machinery industry on crucial legislation is needed.

* Take a stand on the wood supply issue. As purveyors of woodworking machinery, the associations have much at stake. We hope they will work to further the pro-industry cause for wise, sustainable use of our forest resources.

* Draw more allied associations into the fold. For example, architectural woodworkers, store fixture manufacturers and cabinet manufacturers can only gain by working with the WIC sponsors.

* Just stay positive in general. The WMIA, WMMA and WMDA are beginning a new era of cooperation. When the economic recovery arrives, all three groups can be instrumental in the retooling of the American woodworking industry. All should focus on productivity solutions for woodworkers as opposed to political posturing.

In sum, W&WP is excited about the prospects of the new WIC. It's just what the industry needs at this time -- good people from good companies working for the betterment of the woodworking industry.
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Title Annotation:Wood Machinery Manufacturers Association, Woodworking Machinery Importers Association, Woodworking Machinery Distributors Association meeting in Palm Springs, CA, slated for April 1992
Author:Urban, Harry F.
Publication:Wood & Wood Products
Date:Mar 1, 1992
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