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Our remodel.

If you've been reading Sunset for at least the past several months, you've probably noticed changes in the look of the magazine: new typefaces, cleaner layouts, and a bolder start to the Travel, Garden, Home, and Food departments. In this issue, several more striking changes debut, including a new logo and an expanded features section that moves behind the other sections (it used to fall between Garden and Home). A new monthly guide, called Things to Do, starting on page 40, helps you plan close-to-home weekend activities.


Sunset has been around for more than 100 years in part because it has been able to change with the times. This latest "remodel" was inspired by many conversations with our readers around the West, who've told us what they love most about the magazine and what they need from it now.

We looked into Sunset's past as we planned the future, mixing popular elements from our heritage with new ideas to create a design that feels both fresh and familiar. The new logo, for example, is an update of the classic icon so many of us grew up seeing on the coffee table. The line at the top of the cover, "Life in the West: Home, Travel, Food, Garden," harkens back to one used in the 1930s, when we first touted our subjects this way for those unfamiliar with the magazine. As newcomers continue to discover the wonders of living in the West, it felt like the right time to do it again.

It also seems fitting that in this issue of so many new elements, senior editor Peter Fish takes us back 200 years to the journey of Lewis and Clark (page 128). As the bicentennial of their heroic adventure is celebrated, Sunset is embarking on its own journey, becoming a new guidebook to inform and inspire our readers.
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Title Annotation:From the Editor
Author:Jamony, Katie
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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