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Our new website:

The Latin American and Caribbean Women's Health Network website has a new look (and a new URL). Ever wonder what LACWHN's logo was? Visit the site for a surprise as well as new information about the network's programs and activities. Selected articles from our publications can be downloaded in PDF or HTML from the "Communication and Publications" and "Women's Health" sections, and current news and information on women's health and rights are included in the "Women's Health: Priority Issues" pages. Topics such as health and development, abortion, sexual rights and reproductive rights are covered, and up-to date information on activism and advocacy campaigns also will be included on the site.

The section on Health Sector Reform is particularly detailed and features news, links, articles of interest from the Women's Health Journal and information on LACWHN's project "Health Sector Reform in the Region: Urgent Responses for Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health," sponsored by the Ford Foundation.

We hope that this new webpage will be a useful resource for the women's movement in our region and around the world. LACWHN's communications department invites our readers to send information and suggestions to support our regular updates of the site and to share knowledge for women's health and rights.

The following site map serves as a brief introduction:

Who Are We?

* Our History

* Mission and Principles

* Membership


Research and Training

* Itinerant University

* Scholarships and Internships

Advocacy and Promotion

* ICPD Monitoring Project

* Health Sector Reform

* Activism Campaigns

* Joining Forces

* Strengthening Networks

Communication and Publications

* Women's Health Journal

* Women's Health Collection

Women's Health

Political Agenda

* Historical Highlights

* Conceptual Achievements

* Laws and Mechanisms

Priority Issues

* Human Rights and Civil Rights

* Health and Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights

* Health, Gender and Development

* Abortion


* Emergency Contraception

* Indigenous Women and Black Women

* Lesbians and Bisexual Women

* Girls and Adolescents

* Women Growing Older

* Violence Against Women

* Other Topics


* Calls for Action

* Declarations


* Networks and Coalitions

* Women's Health

* Women and Communication

* Human Rights

* International Organizations

* Research and Action

We look forward to your comments and suggestions!

Deborah Meacham Women's Health Journal Editor
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Publication:Women's Health Journal
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jan 1, 2004
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