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Our new ring mount won't turn!

Dear Half-Mast,

We just got new M66 ring mounts, NSN 1005-00-701-2810, for our LMTV trucks. We've installed them, but we can't get them to rotate freely. There were no instructions that came with them. Help!


Dear CPT N.D.,

I think I can help you help yourself. Did you use the FMTV/LMTV installation kit, NSN 1005-01-381-5431? The M66 ring mount won't work correctly without the kit, which includes a cab reinforcement brace and a ring spacer that lets the ring revolve properly.

Did you lube the M66's felt surfaces with CLP? NSN 9150-01-054-6453 gets you a spray bottle of CLP.

Did you grease the ring's bearings with GAA and work the ring back and forth until the ring moves smoothly? Until the felt surfaces and bearings are lubed, a new M66 won't rotate smoothly.

Did you make sure the the M66's brake is off? It won't move if the brake is on.

If none of these tips help, you need to fill out a QDR (quality deficiency report) to get the M66 fixed or replaced. You can do this online at, which requires your AKO login password.

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Publication:PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly
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Date:May 1, 2006
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