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Our new look: Detroiter--for our members, about our members.

Welcome to the NEW Detroiter magazine. If you're wondering how a 96-year-old publication can describe itself as "new," I urge you to take a particularly close look at this issue and find out for yourself.

Every so often we have to step back and take a critical look at how we communicate with our members, so we asked you to participate in a reader survey earlier this year. You ranked the Detroiter as "safe" and "predictable." In the future, we'd like to see such adjectives as "innovative," "compelling" and "exciting."

I think the most important question we asked was: "What would you like to see in each issue?" Here's what you told us--and how we responded:


* A calendar of business events around the region. See page 64 for our Business Calendar and information on how you can list your events.

* Spotlight on new business relocating and expanding in the region. On page 44, you'll see our new "Welcome to the Region" section.

* "How to" articles. These were a staple in the "old" Detroiter that we're keeping. As a Chamber member, you are also welcome to submit bylined articles.

* Point/counterpoint on business policy issues. See the new "Vote4Biz" section on page 11, focusing on the Single Business Tax replacement issue.

* Opportunity to submit questions to a business expert. Our new "Learning From Leaders" section is on page 50 along with a special 25th anniversary salute to John Bourbeau of Right Management.

* Regional economic statistics. Our new "Eye On Our Economy" section beginning on page 54 takes a look at the changing face of our region's economy.

* A typical work day of a respected CEO. Our first "Day In The Life" feature, on page 40, spotlights Harry Kurtz of Mobility Resource Associates.

In short, our goal is to offer you a magazine with a fresh new look with intriguing sections, compelling columns, thought-provoking content, appealing design and valuable opportunities for members to market themselves. So take a look--and judge for yourself!

Richard E. Blouse Jr., CCE

President & CEO

Detroit Regional Chamber
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Author:Blouse, Richard E., Jr.
Date:Nov 1, 2006
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