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Our gift to you.

In every issue of SUCCESS, we do our darnedest to include compelling content beginning to end. So what do we mean by "compelling content"? It's the stuff between our covers that you will hold in your memory and put into action. Stories that tug at you emotionally. Maybe these articles challenge you to improve a skill set; push yourself to greater accomplishments; lead a more purpose-driven, rewarding life; or be a better citizen of the earth and society at large.

Or perhaps our pages tell someone else's gripping story with important takeaways, which is how this issue--with its theme of giving back--especially shines.

For instance, when you read about the struggles of Amanda Enayati on Page 48, your challenges--to make a big sale, ace an exam, get along with a colleague or boss, lose weight, quit smoking--are likely to seem inconsequential. Enayati (literally) wrote the book on stress and coping, partly from research and partly from her experiences. While still elementary-school age, she was separated from her parents in their flight from Iran after that country's 1978-1979 revolution. Then as a New Yorker, she suffered post-traumatic stress after witnessing the horrors of the 9/11 attacks way up close and far too personally. Finally, with two toddlers to raise, Enayati received the horrifying diagnosis and worse prognosis of advanced breast cancer. Since achieving remission, she helps others understand and combat stress.

Writer Jane Musgrave shares stories of healing that occurs after tragedy. She interviewed people whose lives were upended when a trio of disasters slammed in rapid succession, when their children were murdered, and when the Boston Marathon bombing caused severe injury. In Musgrave's article on Page 56, you'll discover that giving back is the bright light that guides each person.

Giving back in a different way is Danica McKellar, whom you might remember as Winnie from The Wonder Years TV show. The actress turned from math-phobic to math advocate and author, today encouraging girls to explore rather than avoid the subject (Page 28).

We hope their stories (and every article in this issue) teach and inspire you.

Mary Vinnedge

Managing Editor

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Author:Vinnedge, Mary
Date:Dec 1, 2015
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