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Our camera man.

"WHEN YOU'RE A Sunset photographer, this is your office." That's the envy-provoking caption Tom Story used for one of his shots on Instagram back in June, when he was photographing Highway 1 for this issue. A staff photographer since 2000, Tom has shot in every state we cover, and then some. But while he'd traveled bits of California's glorious coastal road over the years, he'd never driven its entire length. Story spent 10 dawn-to-dusk days shooting for this project--and he went a little crazy. Five thousand images later, we have not just the ultimate visual guide to Highway 1 but three different covers (see them all on the newsstand, or on page 2)--and probably a book besides. Of those 735 miles, what were his favorite spots? "I loved staying at Deetjens Big Sur Inn and the Big Sur area in general" he says. (Good thing--we made him go twice.) "And I loved all the lighthouse stops, especially the one at Point Reyes." Some other roadside revelations: WORST TIME TO SHOOT: "The most difficult thing for me is to make a photograph in the middle of the day. Early morning/late afternoon is the way to go." A SHOT THAT LOOKS HARD BUT WAS ACTUALLY EASY: "Santa Cruz boardwalk (page 62)--just wait for twilight and the magic happens." MOST UNEXPECTED SIGHT: "The 14-mile drive near Lompoc to the beach has mile markers painted in fun colors--must be some rogue artists." OOPS, TURNS OUT OUR PHOTOGRAPHER HAS A FEAR OF HEIGHTS: "There were definitely places in Big Sur where I was glad I was driving and not in the passenger seat!" SEND ME HERE NEXT, PLEASE: "I would love to shoot in Alaska more, especially Denali National Park." (Okay, you're hired.)

Track Tom's next adventures via Instagram: @sunsetphoto. And if you're planning a Highway 1 trek this month, I hope you'll join our wine-food-adventure tour extravaganza, Sunset's Savor the Central Coast, September 26-29 (tickets at We kick off with a party at Hearst Castle--you'll find me by the pool!





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Highway 1 is a throughline for so many memories. These are from our Facebook and Instagram fans:

Amber Archambeault: I drove my mom from San Francisco to Monterey for Mother's Day last year. She just stared with awe (and fear of falling off the cliff). It made me so happy to share that experience with her.


@hibrie shared this shot of Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, and this mini poem: "Two-toned water. One lovely beach."

Marisa Peltier: I did a portion of the Big Sur marathon with my mom and sister. They closed Highway 1 for the race, and sitting on the edge of the bluff was an enormous grand piano with a man playing beautiful music.

Joanne Wall Waylett: My cousin Jack had a convertible and he would take us down PCH with the top down. I was 12 or 13 at the time and felt like a movie star.

Leslie Hubbard Crawford: In 1979, my husband and I rode our bicycles all the way down the coast of California. Leaving from Crescent City, we climbed slowly through the redwoods with shafts of light coming through the gigantic trees. During the night we listened to the dew dripping from trees around us. Our trip was 15 days/1,100 miles, and one of the most defining times in my life.


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