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Our amazing planet; Let Sir David take you on global safari.


ALL creatures great and small will star in a new series exploring the wonders of our world.

Our Planet, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, took four years to make and was filmed in 50 countries by 600 crew members.

The series explores key habitats, from Arctic wilderness and South American jungle to the depth of the oceans, looking at the animals who rely on them to survive.

The Netflix series, by the creator of Planet Earth, reveals why the natural world matters to us all and what steps must be taken to preserve it.

The first episode, on April 5, travels from Brazil's rainforest to Norway's Svalbard archipelago, seeing how each fragile habitat is connected.

Sir David says: "All across our planet, crucial connections are being disrupted. "What we do in the next 20 years will determine the future for all life on Earth."


FOLLOW MY LEADER Penguins waddle on snow

THE EYES HAVE IT A close-up view of big

PAWS FOR THOUGHT Wild dogs in Zimbabwe

LET US PREY Kingfisher having successful day

GIANT THRILLER Whale breaks surface of the ocean in a majestic display of might

LET'S HAVE AN ICE SCREAM Fun and games for polar bear cubs playing in the snow

SWING WHEN YOU'RE WINNING Tiny primate gets a helping hand up in the trees

IT'S A STALKING POINT Tiger on prowl through the woods on a snow-covered

SAND STORM Socotra Cormorants in Bahrain are largest colony of desert-dwellers

HOP SPRINGS ETERNAL That the frogs thrive

KEEP CALM & CARRY ON Gorilla hitches a ride

HAIR TODAY Up close with a wild-eyed monkey

HARD TO SPOT Pair of Arabian leopards in Oman

pack a trunk To see these elephants in the Congo

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 22, 2019
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