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Our Sunhi.


Having achieved a level of productivity to rival the B-movie masters of Hollywood's golden age, Hong Sang-soo delivers one of his most appealing recent efforts in "Our Sunhi." Winner of the director prize in Locarno, Hong's 15th feature lacks some of the surprising emotional force of his recent "Nobody's Daughter Haewon," but nevertheless delights as it orchestrates the seriocomic ping-ponging of a canny young woman and her three equally hapless suitors. Though commercial prospects are characteristically slim, admirers of Hong's wry worldview will find much to enjoy.

DIRECTOR: Hong Sang-soo

CAST: Jung Yu-mi, Lee Sun-kyun, Kim Sang-joong, Jung Jae-young

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Title Annotation:Hong Sang-soo winner of the movie
Author:Foundas, Scott
Article Type:Movie review
Date:Aug 26, 2013
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