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Our Say... : ObamaAAEs Nobel Peace Prize.

Most American presidents have had to some extent some kind of involvement in external wars that were projected as necessary for the security of the United States. With the US increasingly occupying an international cowboy role in world politics, especially after the end of the Cold War which saw the demise of the Soviet Union, it is perhaps understandable to some extent to excuse this oppressive behavior were it not for the high moral ground that the consecutive US administrations pretend to hold. The administration of the last President George W. Bush carried the art to an unprecedented level; it waged war on Afghanistan and Iraq, instigated wars against Somalia, Lebanon and Gaza, and carried out many covert and overt operations to remove its opponents throughout the world. Still we knew where we stood with that administration and its brute force. This is why none of the former presidents ever managed to receive a Nobel Peace Prize with the exception of Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Woodrow Wilson in early 20th century and Jimmy Carter in 1972. The first two received theirs for efforts in ending the Russo-Japanese war and in forming the League of Nations, respectively; Both have been men of peace who had strived to avert war as much as possible.Carter stands in the same category, and he deserved his award for negotiating peace between Egypt and Israel, which was the first real and sincere effort by a US president. President Obama has received his in advance. As he received the mantel of power in the US, already there were two wars raging with the US as the main protagonist. However the war in Iraq was already scaling down and the previous administration had already initiated a scheduled plan for withdrawal; Obama supported the move and as a result got credited a man of peace. Nevertheless, in Afghanistan, Obama opted to escalate the US involvement there describing the war as a just war against Taliban and al-Qaeda, whom he described as the sources of terrorism in the world; he indicated his desire to send more troops there to help rout out Taliban and to train more Afghani government troops. However, with the increasing fatalities inflicted on US and supporting troops in Afghanistan, and the resurgence of Taliban as the major political and military force on the ground, many US military experts began to doubt the wisdom of extending the war any further, especially that the rising Afghani civilian casualties due to the US dronesAAE attacks have driven many Afghanis to the ranks of the Taliban. Obama has suddenly decided that perhaps it is time to seek negotiations with Taliban as they seem to gain more control of their country and to represent more of their countrymen. It remains to be seen whether he will follow this course or instead capitulate to the RepublicansAAE and the militaryAAEs demand of more involvement there. In Palestine, after having made the 2-state solution as the basis for his Middle East policy, Obama has been forced to mince his words following his encounters with Israeli Premier Netanyahu who poured cold water on ObamaAAEs efforts to put a freeze on the illegal Israeli settlement activities in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Obama was even instrumental in forcing Palestinian President Abbas to derail at the UN the call to bring Israel to justice following the Goldstone Report which found Israel guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity during its war on Gaza Strip earlier this year. Granted that Obama has significantly reduced world tensions and promises to pursue many noble causes such as the denuclearization of the world; but perhaps it would have been more reasonable to await some ground achievements on the ground to justify the choice. The Nobel Peace Prize charter forbids awarding anyone posthumous; is there no such clause as to ban it prior to any achievement

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Publication:The Star (Amman, Jordan)
Date:Oct 12, 2009
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