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Our Say.

THE pen-pushers and paper-shufflers in the Treasury are costing us tax-payers dear as they delay making a decision over whether Birmingham should get its so-called super-hospital

The hard-up NHS is having to pay pounds 1 million a week to building company Consort while these mandarins dither over plans for the Edgbaston development.

Get your head round that. A million pounds a week is being wasted. A million pounds a week that could go to patient care. That could help recruit new nurses or doctors. That could save lives.

It is important that the right decision is made, of course. The fine print does need studying.

But this scheme has been on the drawing board for years, for goodness sake. Its start is already behind schedule.

While civil servants dally, Birmingham's sick are being denied the modern hospital they desperately need.

It is small wonder the NHS is lurching into crisis when red tape and bureaucracy takes precedence over common sense and patient care.

The pen-pushers' political masters must get a grip.
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Title Annotation:Leaders
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Mar 9, 2006
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