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Our Dinosaurs Is Missing - I trust WEBCHAT; Dinosaur skeleton 'Dippy the Diplodocus' set to visit Cardiff as part of UK tour A giant tidal lagoon, 11 miles long, is planned for Cardiff.

This is how behind you Welsh are. Only just getting a diplodocus. They have been out for ages. Anthony Rowles Jane Davies - only two years to wait before we can take the boys to see this. Do you think they will still be into dinosaurs by then?Lisa Goddard Woohoo! Although a bit of time to wait (2018).

Laura Thomas One of my favourite films when young was One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing!

Ali Robertson Visions of the 1975 film - One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing - I trust that Dippy's travel arrangements will be better.

John P Horne They should have left him where he was!!!

Monica Gracia Why is Donald Trump coming to Wales? Paul Callaghan Look out the Labour Party is coming to Wales!!

Karl Davies What a great idea. Especially as the Bristol Channel has the second highest tide in the world. It makes sense to utilise this.

Glenys Jamieson It probably won't happen as the major energy companies will miss out on making huge profits!! I think it is a fantastic idea and should be taken into consideration by major coastal cities. This would be fantastic for employment and green energy.

Paul Cubbins Why do people just read the headlines and not the full article? It would be 10 times the size of the smaller "pathfinder" project planned for Swansea Bay and could supply every home in Wales with power.

Mark Shepperd We need more renewable energy projects in Wales. Why not use the power or water and wind to supply us with energy? Far better for the environment than old coal stations and nuclear hubs.

Kelly Bird Taylor That's funny, I'm sure it was planned for Swansea. But you know, Cardiff has to steal everything.

Christopher Salter It would be much better and logical to have it in Cardiff, the capital city. More people, more demand and need for the energy, close to ideal locations for energy processing plants. The list is endless.

Andrew Latham I'm not bothered which city gets it first, the main thing is that it's clean energy and won't pollute the atmosphere.

Judith Morgan Swansea is first, Cardiff second, then Colwyn Bay. Calm down everyone.

Jennie Lamb

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
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Date:Nov 16, 2016
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