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I have suffered from candida fungus in my mouth for years and antibiotics do not get rid of it. It makes my eyes, nose, and throat dry and sore.

Candida overgrowth usually stems from long-term medication such as steroids, antibiotics, the Pill and inhalers. Diets high in sugar - now, or in childhood - can also trigger this condition. Your symptoms can be accompanied by athlete's foot, cravings for sugar, bread or alcohol, fatigue, recurring cystitis - the list is endless and it has driven many to despair. Get hold of Erica White's Beat Candida Cookbook (pounds 12.99, Thorsons). She suggests you do the following: 1. Starve the candida with an anti-yeast diet; 2. Take supplements to boost the immune system; 3. Take natural antifungal supplements to kill the candida; 4. Restore friendly bacteria in the intestines.

Ko Chohan

My GP has diagnosed me with trigeminal neuralgia. I have terrible pain in my face and a bruising sensation in my head. What can I do?

Trigeminal neuralgia is an irritation of the nerve that detects sensation in the front part of the head. We don't yet know what causes it.

Craniosacral therapy, which works on the backbone's relation to the skull through nerve pathways, may help. Call the Craniosacral Society (01738-444404) for a list of practitioners. You should take 100mcg of Vitamin B12, 1,000iu of Vitamin E (iu means international units - the standard measurement for Vitamin E), and 20mcg of selenium daily. All phosphate tissue salts are recommended, as phosphorus is involved in nerve function (Holland & Barrett sells a selection of tissue salts). Inhalations of chamomile, lavender and bergamot essential oils in hot water may also help.

Dr Damir Shakambet

I have had almost constant diarrhoea for the last four or five months. I feel very drained and often have almost nothing left to pass. Any drugs only have a short-lived effect. I am HIV-positive.

The type of diarrhoea you describe is all too common among people affected by HIV and can be very debilitating, greatly weakening the body and causing rapid weight loss. You must cut down - or preferably cut out - dairy foods and citrus fruits, which aggravate diarrhoea. Stick to bland foods for a few weeks, to give your digestive system time to recover. Eat plenty of protein and take a good multivitamin that includes zinc and selenium. There are many remedies for diarrhoea, such as podophyllum, arsenicum album and rheum. Any homoeopathic pharmacy will help you select the one for you. Homoeopathy has a wide application for HIV/Aids and associated conditions.

KO CHOHAN naturopathy advisor


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Author:Slade, Dr Neil
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 11, 2000
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