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Our 20th year.

In this issue, we preview two new, regular features that will appear in Alaska Business Monthly as it notes its 20th year of publication in 2004. We hope you'll enjoy reading the new columns and that each may be of help to managers of business and an inspiration to all of our readers.

One of the columns will be researched and written by Lynne Curry, Ph.D. A renowned author, lecturer and columnist, Dr. Curry's popular columns have appeared regularly in other general news publications on a wide variety of contemporary topics.

For ABM, Dr. Curry will focus on matters of interest to business leaders, generally offering commentary and advice on organizational and personnel topics of management concern. Her inaugural column addresses the relationships between younger employees and managers, members of generation X and generation Y, and older managers who trained when times and attitudes were far different from what they are now. It often becomes a problem, when two age groups must work together but don't know how to talk to each other, or even know why each thinks as they do. It's great stuff, and begins on page 30.

Secondly, as a result of UAA's College of Business and Public Policy's zeal to strengthen ties between the college and the business community, College Dean Tom Case has breathed new life into the Business Advisory Council.

The council is comprised of some 40 leaders of business, industry, economics, commerce and a remarkable cross-section of top-notch opinion leaders in Greater Anchorage. Never was there more emphasis placed on listening to and seeking ideas from Alaska's business leaders by college academe than there is under Dean Case. And further to that end, he has come up with an idea that we support and provide leadership for: The UAA/ABM Executive Forum, a venue in which professors and top business leaders address, on the record, crucial topics of the day.

At the council's September meeting, one such topic was identified, and ultimately became the theme for the first Executive Forum: "The Role of Ethics in Business and What Students Should Know About It." A digest of what was discussed by forum members appears on page 38. I commend it to your reading.
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Title Annotation:From the Publisher
Author:McCorkle, Vern
Publication:Alaska Business Monthly
Date:Nov 1, 2003
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