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Ounce of supplements is worth a pound of cure.

NEW YORK -- To provide preventative measures to help maintain the immune system, the immune health supplement market is poised to have outstanding growth between now and 2021, according to a recent article by Persistence Market Research titled "Immune Health Supplements Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015-2021."

The immune health supplements market is expected to see significant revenue growth over that forecast period, owing to the increasing consumer awareness about the benefits of supplements, along with a rise in the population of baby boomers.

Increasing lifestyle diseases and growing immune health concerns among baby boomers are some of the factors expected to boost the growth of the immune health supplements market. The baby boomer population across the globe is growing at a high rate. To deal with the concomitant rise in health concerns, manufacturers around the world are developing innovative health supplements on a large scale formulated to strengthen people's immune system.

Nature's Bounty states that consumers turn to one of its supplements in particular when looking for immune support. "Ester-C 1000 mg is a patented, one-per-day, immune health formula clinically studied to stay in the immune system for 24 hours--longer than regular vitamin C. This non-GMO formulation is stomach friendly, and carefully formulated to contain naturally occurring metabolites that enhance the retention of vitamin C by your white blood cells, which are a vital component of the immune system," the company says.

Swisse Wellness spokesperson Erin Palinski-Wade says that one of the primary focuses during cold and flu season is keeping the immune system strong. "Reducing stress, improving sleep quality, and preventing and correcting nutrient deficiencies are all correlated with strengthening the immune system. Consumers are looking for supplements that can help them fight against factors such as stress and insomnia that may be increasing their risk of developing colds and flu. Products such as antioxidants are a natural way to help boost immunity and prevent disease. We have definitely seen a steady growth in sales of our Ultivite Multivitamins which have over 50 ingredients that include vitamins, herbs and antioxidants that assist with stamina and vitality."

She says that with so many supplements available and regulations on supplements in the U.S. rather lax, consumers often look for a brand they know they can trust and for products they know have been tested to deliver effective results. "Swisse supplements are from Australia, where there are more stringent guidelines than we have in the U.S."

Palinski-Wade says multivitamin supplements are key for the busy consumer. "A product that contains ingredients that can enhance the immune system as well as balance nutrition all in one tablet can make consumers much more likely to be compliant with taking the product on a daily basis."

She points out that its Swisse Ultivite Multivitamins provide a complete nutrition profile and are backed by 13 clinical re search trials showing the product's ability to reduce stress and improve energy. "With ingredients not found in standard multivitamins, such as ginger and astragalus, along with its levels of zinc and vitamin C, they support a healthy immune system, which is vital during cold and flu season." Palinski-Wade adds that improving sleep is also critical during cold and flu season, as a lack of sleep can weaken the immune system. "Our Swisse Ultiboost Sleep is the perfect alternative thanks to its combination of valerian, magnesium and hops. Unlike most sleep aids on the market that rely on medications or supplemental melatonin to artificially aid sleep, the ingredients in Swisse Ultiboost Sleep work together synergistically to allow your body to naturally produce more of the sleep hormone melatonin, correcting your natural sleep cycle while reducing the sleep-disrupting stress hormone cortisol."

PharmaCare vice president Kimberly Weld points out that retailers can help this category gain therapeutic credibility by educating themselves, taking the time to learn about the products and designing the assortment accordingly. "Sambucol, for example, has a very unique story, an abundance of scientific backing, and the quality that comes from a European pharmaceutical plant. We also contract with farmers in Austria for the elderberry crop each year. Understanding that story, the vertical integration, commitment to quality and eye toward regulatory compliance gives retailers confidence in our brand and in what they are selecting for their customers."

Weld says retailers also need to give brands access to their in-store specialists and pharmacists to adequately train them on the brand or products. "These experts are highly influential in establishing product credibility and stimulating purchase. Additionally, they offer cost-effective ways for companies like ours to share data with the in-store pharmacists," she says.

Caption: Palinski-Wade says Ultivite Multivitamins have over 50 ingredients.
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Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Feb 12, 2018
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