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Numerous elementary-level titles focus on the American Revolution, but the 'Forgotten Heroes of the American Revolution' series is different--and highly recommended for any library strong in both period history and biographical sketches. Here lesser-known patriots are surveyed in a series of five books exploring their bravery in the face of war. Gregg A. Mierka's NATHANAEL GREENE: THE GENERAL WHO SAVED THE REVOLUTION (1595560122) tells of an army commander who developed and implemented a strategy that would led to the British surrender; Richard M. Strum's HENRY KNOX: WASHINGTON'S ARTILLERYMAN (1595560130) tells of a young Boston bookseller with no war experience who offers his services to the new American rebel army and plays a key role in the battle plans, Jim Gallagher's DANIEL MORGAN: FIGHTING FRONTIERSMAN (1595560155) surveys a leader whose strategies won key victories throughout the colonies, Scott Kaufman's FRANCIS MARION: SWAMP FOX OF SOUTH CAROLINA (1595560148) tells of a hero who emerges from the backwaters of South Carolina to turn the British tide of victory to defeat; and Karl Crannell's JOHN STARK: LIVE FREE OR DIE (1595560165) tells of an experienced soldier whose men not only succeeded in the Battle of Bunker Hill, but more importantly crippled British soldiers at the Battle of Bennington. All are outstanding surveys.
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Publication:Children's Bookwatch
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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