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A Review of Surgical Nuances and Outcomes of the Reverse Stapedotomy. Singh, Anup; Irugu, David Victor Kumar; Kumar, Rajeev; Verma, Hitesh Report Apr 1, 2019 4650
Does the Diameter of the Prosthesis Affect the Outcome of Stapedotomy? Sahin, Mehtnet Ilhan; Avci, Deniz; San, Furkan; Ketenci, Ibrahim; Unlu, Yasar Report Mar 1, 2019 2610
Fenestral otosclerosis. Lin, Tayson; Rheinboldt, Matthew Clinical report Nov 1, 2018 1143
Bilateral Vestibulopathy Due to Severe Cochlear Otosclerosis: A Well-Known Condition Without Any Favorable Solution. Yetiser, Sertac Case study Sep 1, 2018 1296
Otosclerosis in a nonendemic population: Utility of CT scan and correlation with audiometry and surgical outcome. Png, Lu Hui; Pang, Jing-Yin; Karandikar, Amit; Goh, Julian Park Nam; Yeo, Seng Beng; Yuen, Heng Wai Report Jun 1, 2018 2967
Surgical Results and Complications of Cochlear Implantation in Far-Advanced Otosclerosis. West, Niels; Brand, Markus; Foghsgaard, Soren; Caye-Thomasen, Per Clinical report Dec 1, 2017 2363
Study of 50 cases of otosclerosis by stapedotomy: our experience. Rao, P.B. Kameswar; Ramesh, S.; Devi Prasad, S. Report May 12, 2016 2359
Outcome of management of otosclerosis by stapedotomy compared to stapedectomy in a Jordanian population. Husban, Hassan Al- Report Jan 1, 2013 1694
OTOSCLEROSIS; health focus; 60 SECONDS ON.. Sep 18, 2012 187
60SECONDS ON.. OTOSCLEROSIS. Sep 18, 2012 190
Prediction of stapes footplate thickness based on the level of hearing loss in otosclerosis. Samimi-Ardestani, Hadi; Khorsandi-Ashtiani, Mohammadtaghi; Ghoujeghi, Elmira; Rajati, Mohsen; Rabban Report Aug 1, 2012 2362
Incus augmentation with glass ionomer cement in primary and revision stapes surgery. Serin, Gediz Murat; Cam, Behram; Derinsu, Ufuk; Sari, Murat; Batman, Caglar Clinical report Dec 1, 2010 1639
Complete obstruction of the stapes footplate by a dehiscent facial nerve in stapedectomy. Rothholtz, Vanessa S.; Djalilian, Hamid R. Clinical report Nov 1, 2009 461
Post-stapedectomy cochlear otosclerosis. Linthicum, Fred, Jr. Apr 1, 2009 405
Otosclerosis and TGF-[beta]1 gene in black South Africans. Tshifularo, M.; Joseph, C.A. Report Sep 1, 2008 2140
Pearls on otosclerosis and stapedectomy. Lippy, William H.; Berenholz, Leonard P. Report Jun 1, 2008 1436
Clinical findings in a patient with aural fullness. Brookler, Kenneth H. Feb 1, 2008 622
Pearls on the presentation and diagnosis of otosclerosis. Lippy, William H.; Berenholz, Leonard P. Brief article Feb 1, 2008 488
Meniere's syndrome, otosclerosis, and insulin resistance syndrome. Brookler, Kenneth H. Feb 1, 2006 877
Poststapedectomy hearing gain: comparison of a Teflon (fluoroplastic ASTM F 754) prosthesis with a Schuknecht-typewire/Teflon prosthesis. Felix-Trujillo, Manuel Martin Nov 1, 2005 2297
The effect of stapedotomy on tinnitus in patients with otospongiosis. Bento, Ricardo Ferreira Jul 1, 2005 2384
Vestibular findings in a 30-year-old woman with disabling dizziness following childbirth. Brookler, Kenneth H. Feb 1, 2005 484
Vestibular findings in a patient presenting with tinnitus and dizziness. Brookler, Kenneth H. Oct 1, 2004 441
Experience with stapedectomy in a developing country: A review of 200 cases. (Original Article). Salahuddin, Azhar Aug 1, 2002 2033
Stapes mobilization in otoscierosis. Paparella, Michael M. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 1688
Cochlear and fenestral otosclerosis. Valvassori, Galdino Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 256
Genes, viruses, and ear disease. Aug 1, 2000 308
Persistent measles virus infection as a possible cause of otosclerosis: State of the art. Sedlmeier, Reinhard Aug 1, 2000 4317
Cochlear otosclerosis. Valvassori, Galdino Jul 1, 2000 179
Otosclerosis. Topic Overview May 7, 1999 1171
Otosclerosis. May 1, 1999 1171
Stop the music. Sep 14, 1985 356

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