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Otis IDs brushes with color-coded system.

Otis Technology recently launched a color-coding system that will increase ease-of-use for dealers and customers. In addition to Otis bore brushes being roll stamped with the brush number, all brushes will now feature a color-coded core wire.

Seven colors can now be found within the Otis brush line. Each color will correspond to a specific brush size. The newly featured core wire colors are brass, black, red mud, clay, moss, dirt and forest.

All Otis Cleaning Systems come complete with a brush chart that lists which size barrels each brush will clean. This chart will now also list the colors that correspond to the specific brush sizes.

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Title Annotation:Outdoor marketplace
Comment:Otis IDs brushes with color-coded system.(Outdoor marketplace)
Author:Autry, J.K.
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Sep 1, 2012
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