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Other roadmaps and peregrinations. (The Manager's Musings).

And in our partnerships and networks series, Myrna Mandell offers a perspective on how public managers can work together more effectively in an interorganizational environment, a mode made increasingly common as an outgrowth of results-based management schemes. Bethany Young, press secretary for the Partnership for Public Service, reflects on the image of public servants in telling the story of two Federal Bureau of Investigation employees in Birmingham, AL, and their groundbreaking achievements in the area of criminal justice. Grimaldi has come up with an offbeat take on the job search in public employment. And Al Hyde and Hyong Yi offer their views on enterprise resource planning systems (using the District of Columbia as a case illustration), the government corporate university, and much more.
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Author:Master, Warren
Publication:The Public Manager
Article Type:Brief Article
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Dec 22, 2002
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