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Other parts handling equipment: product lines reviewed.



Offers field-proven, automated product-handling systems designed, engineered, and manufactured from concept through installation for the removal of paints, plastics, organics, glass, rubber, graphite, oxides and scale, from parts and hardware. Equipment is also suitable for the curing or sintering of plastisols, teflon, rubber, etc.

Where fixture-loaded work has to be carried through a series of repeated steps, company custom automates lines using various programmable systems, which include its Uni-Hoist monorail design; single- or dual-column overhead design; side-mounted cantilever style; its Jack Rabbit, indexing elevator, push-pull or screw-conveyor mechanisms, and crank-arm transfer or submerged chain conveyors. Loading can be as small as 500 lb or less and up to several thousand pounds with transfer-time capabilities of less than 10 seconds.

Justification is feasible with benefits of loading and unloading at a common station by a single operator; production rates that are totally controlled; product uniformity is guaranteed under repetitive conditions with no error; with ability to repeat or skip stations, adjustable speeds of travel, and complete or selective immersion.



Provides turnkey automation systems for plastic injection molders and offers complex conveying and parts-cooling systems, part-orienting devices, stacking and packing, as well as light assembly equipment in conjunction with its part- and runner-removal robots.

Parts-handling systems are custom-designed for specific applications and can be integrated with existing materials-handling systems when feasible. Wherever possible, systems are controlled by the microprocessor controller of the part-removal robot.



Offers custom automation systems for a wide range of plastics handling, bottle handling, palletizing, and packaging. Company develops and installs custom-designed-and-built machinery to fit customer's particular application.

Also markets cost-reduction studies and provides quantitative and quality analyses for automating. Offers engineering services that include full CAD design capabilities, controls hardware and software engineering, systems integration and testing, prototype machining and assembly, control panel fabrication and system wiring.



Offers a line of parts separators that automatically separate finished parts from runners, transferring each to the next station. These systems reportedly boost production rates by eliminating runner/part hand sorting and are said to be ideal for two-plate, subgated mold applications: Parts and runners drop on the conveyor, the parts drop down through gap of the conveyor and the vertical pin belt. Runners are picked up by the pins and pass the runners to an auger-feed granulator or other regrind handling system. Finished product parts that have been separated at the horizontal and vertical belt gap can be conveyed to a distribution, packaging or assembly point.



Supplies under-press conveyors featuring 1/3-hp, 110/1/60 drive with hardened sprockets and chain drive with 20 fpm standard. Units also include a true-tracking belt guidance system, soft-drop zone to cushion parts, 4-in.-high adjustable/removable side rails, and a 7/64-in. white PVC belt.


Company offers the following separators:

* Series "S" separators (Models S1/2, S1, S1/S) for part and sprue separation. Units are easy to mount and work in combination with all conveyors.

* Rotating separators for separating sprues, runners and moldings. Units can be used for all types of sorting jobs and are suitable for use as central separators in combination with company's LC autofeed conveyor.

* Model ATS separator with a single central adjustment system is suitable where frequent changes are necessary.

* Models STN and STNP separators can handle difficult separating problems and are suitable for round and cylindrical components or thermoset moldings to remove flash. Drums are available in steel or plastic.

* SF separator, designed for small components, can handle and separate parts from sprues as small as 0.5 mm. Unit can handle multiple moldings (one sprue plus two different size moldings) and can be quickly adjusted from one job to another. It is suitable for long or short runs.

* Model S5/2 separator for small parts and molds uses insulated runners. Unit has one separation channel and is suitable for low-volume production.

* Model SF/A separator is designed to separate multi-impression moldings, with one sprue and different size moldings. Unit is suitable for high-volume production.

Company's conveyors include an inclined horizontal conveyor that features base and inclined side structures in rugged, high-strength extruded aluminum alloy; self-aligning bearings with easy-to-adjust take-up screw; extruded aluminum crowned rollers for belt drive; automatic center-guide belt-drive system; and enclosed motor and drive.


Manufactures a complete line of conveyors and conveying systems for handling everything from blow molded parts to parts/runner separators. Conveyors include the Kurv-King, Mini Kurv-King, Trimline, 5CLR, RC, and MCSR. Company custom designs conveyor systems for the plastics processor.


Offers nearly 30 standard belt conveyor models and specializes in customized designs and systems for plastics processors. Basic models are offered in 6- to 16-ft lengths. Omni line of models are designed for under-machine or low, pass-along installations; HR models are recommended for use with pick-and-place robots. All standard models adjust without tools, are powered by single-phase, motor/gear-box drives, and many include casters.

Specialized units include the Water Bath Conveyor for large part cooling and conveying, the Box Boy indexing conveyor for packaging systems, and the Carousel turntable conveyor, which automatically counts parts as they are dropped into bags.

End-of-belt and stand-alone parts separators are offered. Special "diamond back" belting, which allows steep-incline, cleatless conveying up to 45 [degrees] or greater, can be provided.

A count-by-weight system allows direct transfer from the mold to shipping cartons through an electronic scale and arrangement of conveying devices.


Offers centrifugal feeding/unscrambling orientation equipment for parts and containers to be decorated and/or sent downstream for secondary finishing operations. A wide range of models in sizes from 8- through 60-in.-diam. feeder bowls are available with feeding rates from 20 parts/min through 2200 parts/ min for common, as well as unusual shapes and sizes. All equipment designs incorporate quick-change tooling capability, low maintenance, reliability, and gentle handling of parts. No vibratory components are used.


Five-ft-long "Extendo-Veyors" are made to be lengthened as needed to 6, 7, 8, or 9 ft. Models are available in 12-, 18-, and 24-in. widths.

Also available is a low-cost, stainless-steel, chute-type separator, which the company says is maintenance-free and economical.


Engineers and manufactures air conveyor systems. Systems use low-pressure centrifugal fans, operate at approximately 1/8 psi and are custom-designed for handling bottles, closures, plastic parts and scrap. Bottles, parts and closures can be conveyed and accumulated on-line or can be transported in bulk. Plastic scrap or product can be removed from the production area. Air-conveyor systems have virtually no moving parts other than the centrifugal fans powering the system, resulting in operator safety as well as minimizing maintenance. Air-conveyor systems also allow for flexible layouts, rounding turns or overhead with no transfer points to fit in with the the constraints of the plant, maximizing usable floor space.


Offers a complete line of post-molding parts-handling equipment, including horizontal and incline belt conveyors, separators, automatic box-indexing conveyors, water conveyors, and air conveyors. Other handling devices include a regrind fines separator and vibratory sorting equipment. Company specializes in custom tailoring to customer's specific requirements, including, but not limited to, custom painting.

Company is the exclusive North American distributor for the Tenso line of sprue pickers and traverse-oscillating robots.


Manufactures a complete line of part-containment and part-handling systems for molders, featuring gaylord and drum filter covers designed to keep in-process material clean. Mold-side curtains and guideskirts prevent product loss and contamination by containing the shot and funneling it into a conveyor or box.

Conveyor and box-filling systems have been designed specifically for problems faced by molders. Conditioning conveyors provide product cooling, static elimination, and hepa-filtered environments. Special devices allow automatic bad-shot diversion, Q.C. sampling, and part and runner separation. Box-fill systems fill boxes and/or totes by weight or count. Systems can be customized and are designed to be space-efficient, flexible, dependable and user-friendly.


Manufactures a line of sorter granulators for accepting subgated parts and runners dropped from the mold onto a belt conveyor with sorting device. Parts drop before the sorter into a collection box or venturi air system to be pneumatically conveyed to a central collection point. Runners are carried over the sorting device and by gravity fall directly into the granulator's cutting chamber for size reduction. Granulator's rotor powers the conveyor and sorting device via pulleys and V-belts. Three standard models are offered and various custom designs can be adapted depending on customer's requirements.



Offers a new line of belt-conveying equipment for plastics processors. Incorporating field-proven designs and field-driven innovation, units are reportedly state-of-the-art. All units incorporate a light-weight aluminum frame with stainless-steel side rails. White, food-grade belting is standard with molded cleats supplied on elevating units. The units are driven by a motorized drive pulley which eliminates V-belts, roller chains and their respective guards. Take-up adjusters are located on both ends of the units so that tracking problems can be more easily and effectively solved. Widths range from 12 to 36 in. and lengths from 3 to 40 ft. Adjustable, telescoping legs are standard.


Specializes in injection molded parts-removal conveyors. The PMI EleVeyor series is available with 12-, 18- or 24-in. belt widths. Horizontal infeed, inclined discharge and transition components are stocked for quick delivery of units. The Ele-Veyor Series is complemented by a line of belt conveyors for individual molded parts or packaged containers. Gravity-feed or powered roller-conveyor systems also are available for packaged containers.


Offers a complete line of finger-type parts and runner separators. Free-standing separators are available in widths of 12, 18 and 24 in. and lengths of 26 and 38 in. They can be used beside a conveyor on the floor base stand provided, or an optional adaptor kit is available that will provide all the necessary hardware to attach them to any existing PPE conveyor.

Also offered is a line of conveyor/ separator combinations where the separator is build in at the drop-off end of the conveyor. Available in 12- and 18-in. widths and any length required. Features include stainless-steel side rails and discharge tray; tiltable, adjustable-height stand; and rugged 5-in. aluminum channel frame. A 0-50 fpm variable-speed control is available as an option.


Offer parts/runner sorting and conveying systems in combination with its line of auger-feed and beside-the-press granulators. Systems are available with pneumatic granulate evacuation and closed-loop loading/blending equipment for semi- or fully automated operations.

STERLING, INC. See Ball & Jewell Div.


Offers a complete line of adjustable-angle conveyors and separators for use under and beside the press. Made expressly for handling injection molded plastics, units' belts are flat nylon links with impact resistant fiberglass lacing rods. Other features include: pivoting base that enables conveyor to be adjusted to any angle up to 40 [degrees], direct-drive positive tracking with a "slipping" drive sprocket that prevents jam-up motor damage, an adjustable-angle tailpiece that allows reaching under the mold, and automatic belt tensioning. An adjustable add-on separator with quick-set nylon fingers in optional.

Aluminum frames and a nylon plastic belt make units light and easy to handle. Units are stocked in 6- and 8-ft lengths and 12- and 18-in. widths and are available with either standard 17.5 fpm on 0-25 fpm variable speed drive.


Designs, assembles, and installs special automation equipment to support its line of robots for injection molding machines. Applications supported are part-decorating, assembly, packaging of parts and stacking or storing of production.
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