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Other existing contraries.

Other existing contraries


       Ice is hot as fire dripping on the floor
       The sun is dark as night at twelve noon
       We are so tired, that's why we never sleep
       To be a winner you must always lose
       Being a poet I write with the poet not the pen
       Rain falls with no clouds to fall from
       Trees sway but no wind blows them
       I'm a car with no driver at hand
       I'm a job without workers present
       I'm literature without pen and paper
       With literature I can do anything
       With literature I can't do nothing

The Alikes, in Disalikes

I am a palindrome of contradictory opposites
Look at me as an individual soul

   --traped between night and day

Don't be disappointed because I associate right with wrong
After all I am the aftermath of a mad but legal society
Is it so harsh to see the delight in evil encounters in life
Can you see the evidence of evil in good,

   --and other existing contraries

When literature is not literature, what then is it really
Is literature any group of artistic writings, from the writer's skull
How do you define literature, can you see literature

   --as mental sickness

Using your might, and with the help of gravity ink marries paper
What is the result of this marriage, between two disalike objects
The answer, an array of beautiful words of diverse sylables
On the contrast you have the creation of work, a genius gone mad
There are Alikes in Disalikes, it just takes an eye of diversity

   --to see them


Curtis Cook Jr. (USA)

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Author:Cook, Curtis, Jr.
Date:Jan 1, 2013
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