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Other courageous proposals from the right.

"Paul Ryan, the Republican chairman of the House Budget Committee, is scheduled to release the most comprehensive and most courageous budget reform proposal any of us hove seen in our lifetimes."--David Brooks

THE RYAN-PLUS PLAN: The original Ryan plan proposes to cut Medicaid, privatize Medicare, and lower taxes. The RyanPlus plan would also limit food-stamp use to the purchase of hardtack, grits, and water chestnuts.


THE NO-CHILD-LEFTBEHIND-OR-ELSE PLAN: NCLB aims to hold instructors accountable through financial penalties and incentives. Under the supplementary provisions of NCLBOE, the bottom-scoring 10 percent of students would be paraded through town on a tumbrel and beaten with sticks.

THE THREE-STRIKESOR-LESS PLAN: Under the three-strikes plan, a third felony may result in lifetime imprissonment. The Three-Strikes-Or-Less plan would allow for lifetime imprisonment for one or two felonies, or maybe none. It depends on whether you've got that look about you.

THE WHAT WELFARE? PLAN: The welfare reforms of 1996 set time limits and work requirements for recipients of financial assistance. The What Welfare? plan would eliminate the time limits, eliminate the work requirements, and eliminate the assistance.

THE WHEREVERLIBERATION PLAN: The Iraq Liberation Act aimed at regime change in one specific place. The Wherever-Liberation plan would remove such constraints and allow for the toppling of an irksome regime at anytime, in any place, by any method, for any reason. No more red tape.

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