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Other challenges & rules.


You must go to all of the cities on your route, anywhere else is up to you.

* All City Challenges are to be opened only after entering the city limits of said city.

* Only one person from the team is required to complete a trick or challenge to earn the points (unless the challenge specifically says "everyone.")

* Only one person can earn the points on any specific trick--ie, just because two people can do it doesn't mean you get the points twice.

* Meet the challenges to the best of your abilities and understanding. Any ambiguities in the wording of the challenges are unintentional. The most obvious answer is usually the correct one. Looking for loopholes and point-grubbing are considered poor form.

* All tricks must be filmed to get points.

* The validity of imperfect landings will be at Jake Phelps' discretion.

* In the event of a tie on Highest, Longest, Most challenges (for example, if two teams have a 20-stair ollie) both teams get the 50 points.

* In the event of a tie for the entire event (ie, two teams have the same point total,) the winner will be decided by a game of SKATE with each of the tying teams nominating one team member to compete.

* Ins and Outs--team members may leave from and return to the tour at any time, however, they cannot earn points while away, nor can their team earn points where "everyone" is required to do a challenge.

* There are to be no substitutions even in the case of injury.

* The team with the most points will be the King of the Road. They will receive the title, the trophy and $1,000 for each skater on the winning team ($5,000 total--team manager, videographer, photographer and Mystery Guest get nothing.)

* One member of the winning team will be featured on the cover of the Thrasher King of the Road issue. They will also be invited to participate as the defending champions in the next KOTR event.

* The team with the most total points will be named the Kings of the Road.


HARD (10 points)

* Do a trick over roadkill

* Everyone take a deep whiff of someone else's skated-in shoe

* One team member sleeps in the van for a night

HARDER (20 points)

* Get a mother and daughter in the van at the same time

* Windows up, heat on full blast for 20 minutes during the day

* Ollie off the roof

HARDEST (50 points)

* Backside 180 off the roof

* One team member eats nothing but jerky and drinks

* One team member sleeps in the van for a week


(judged against the other teams--worth 50 points each)

* Longest frontside boardslide fakie

* Longest frontside crooked grind

* Sherm's Revenge--best trick naked

* Most stairs switch firecrackered

* Most stairs switch heelflipped up

* Most stairs nollied straight up

* Biggest half-cab kickflip

* Biggest transfer (tranny)

* Longest frontside slappy

* Highest air

* Biggest kickflip

* Biggest switch 360 flip

* Most stairs ollied up

* Highest slappy

* Biggest backside noseblunt

* Hall of Meat--worst slam

* Phelper's Delight--most gnar

* The Burt Reynolds challenge--,

* Kinkiest rail (most kinks) skated

* Jump for Jah--highest hippy jump

* Most 360s in a row (classic '70s style)

* Winterberg's Lament--best trick blindfolded

* Most stairs wall-ridden over (90-degree wall only)


HARD (10 points)

* Skate a tree

* Skate a boat

* Ollie over a convenience store clerk

* Make out with a woman with a rose tattoo

* Skate a handrail into a filled swimming pool

HARDER (20 points)

* Focus a stranger's board who is female

* Skate a curved rail

* Piggy back kickflip

* Ollie over a man or woman of the cloth

* Find someone over the age of 40 who can do a kickfiip

* Make out with someone working at a fast food restaurant

HARDEST (50 points)

* Natas spin a hydrant

* Duncan's Life---for 24 hours you must wear no shirt, shades (indoors and out), and a sleeveless denim Dagger's vest and announce every trick done with a bullhorn; end the day with a dinner of nachos and a tall beer

* DOWN FOR LIFE--Get a Thrasher tattoo

* Skate naked

* Rocket drop in (both feet on tail, both hands on nose) five feet or higher

* Ollie eight or more stairs barefoot

* Don Rickles' Challenge--one person cut their hair to mimic the style of someone suffering from severe male pattern baldness

* Find a cop who can ollie over a board (and is willing to do so in uniform)

* Make out with a woman over 40
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Other challenges & rules.
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