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Other action.

Steve Kincaid, president of the AFMA, kicked off the conference, "Accelerating Competitiveness: Global Leadership Through Innovative Supply Chain Management." He detailed recent changes made by the association, including the establishment of a Blue Ribbon Committee and the strealining of AFMA's internal organization, such as replacing divisions with councils.

Kincaid also presented a brief overview of "AFMA in Action" and its work on current legislative issues. They include:

* AFMA's proposal of a framework for federal action that could block enforcement of California's proposal for stricter flammability standards of foam, batting and polyester, scheduled to take effect in 2005.

* AFMA's development of a voluntary ergonomics guideline in conjunction with the North Carolina Department of Labor and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

* AFMA's lobbying efforts to have the Environmental Protection Agency amend its proposed boiler emissions regulation that would impact all manufacturers who use industrial boilers.

* The development of a voluntary safety standard for bunk bed corner posts in response to a petition fried by the Dainty Foundation to the Consumer Products Safety Commission. The Danny Foundation contends that the standard is needed to prevent accidental entrapment by children.

Kincaid also touched on the association's recent reaffirmation to focus on American-based manufacturing. "AFMA is committed to promoting the growth and global leadership of home furnishings manufacturers and suppliers in the United States," he said.

Currently, a residential furniture company is eligible for membership as long as it has a manufacturing base in the United States; there is no maximum percentage as to the amount of importing done by a company.

"We didn't want to he exclusive of anyone hi the industry, but we felt the need to focus on those manufacturing in the United States," Kincaid said. "(However), we also have to recognize those that are importing."
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Title Annotation:Trends & News
Author:Koenig, Karen
Publication:Wood & Wood Products
Date:Sep 1, 2003
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