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Other Parts-Handling Equipment.



Turnkey automation systems for injection molders and complex conveying and parts-cooling systems, parts-orienting devices, stacking and packing, as well as light assembly equipment in conjunction with part- and runner-removal robots.

Systems can be customized and can be integrated with existing materials-handling systems when feasible. When possible, systems are controlled by the microprocessor controller of the part-removal robot (See ad p. 293.)


Sorter granulators systems accept sub-gated parts and runners dropped from the mold onto a belt sorter/conveyor. Parts are collected and pneumatically conveyed to a central collection point. Runners are carried directly into the granulator's cutting chamber for size reduction. Three standard models offered and various custom designs can be adapted to specific needs. (See ad p. 257.)


See Gebo Corp.


Custom-designed air-conveying systems for finished products and scrap. Model 100 system conveys injection molded parts 50-75 ft and can be used to convey scrap (necks, tails, rejects) to grinder. Model 300 system designed for cup conveying. Model 600 system conveys bottles 250-300 ft. Model 800 system is a rectangular design for items such as margarine cups, collars, granola bars, and lids.


HPDE plastic pallets are lightweight, impact resistant, maintenance-free, sanitary, and recyclable. Also steel-reinforced rackable pallets in various sizes, weights, and configurations can withstand extreme temperatures without bowing.


Conveyor designs include Z-type, horizontal, inclined and underwater. Units can be custom-designed. Specializes in parts filling stations.


Provides system solutions for warehousing and distribution operations. Technology includes transportation and accumulation conveyors, sortation, merge and induction equipment, related controls and system management software for low-to high-speed distribution systems.


Equipment includes bottle singulators and orienters for operations such as flaming, leak detection and vision inspection. Also box shifters and straight, curved, looped, elevating and vacuum conveyors. Customized systems for packing, assembly, and inspection.


Model FA vibratory table for applications that include shock and fatigue testing is commonly used for setting materials in cartons, drums, kegs, boxes and bags. Standard sizes have load capacities to 4000 lb. Force and frequency of air-powered model are adjustable by air pressure regulation. Electric-powered tables are easily adjusted mechanically, or come with a variable-speed controller. Unit features air-spring isolation, which provides spring durability and adaptability. Inflatable air mounts provide quiet operation, plus the advantage of spring adjustment to maintain a fixed baffle height under varying loads. Four standard deck sizes available, but can be custom-built.

Bowl feeders are suitable for controlling flow of parts to secondary operations. Vibrations produced by either electric or air-type drives, which are available for standard or heavy-duty applications. Units available in bowl sizes from 6 to 30 in. Bowl tooling available clockwise or counter-clockwise.


Conveyors include horizontal, inclined, horizontal-to-incline and decline built of three-in, anodized aluminum profile all suited for various applications. Heavy-duty conveyors constructed from six-in. anodized aluminum profile and available in horizontal and incline models.

Wide selection of part/runner separators handle tough segregation tasks. Both end-of-conveyor and stand-alone models available.

Container filling systems in two standard modes: by count and by weight. Can be configured in a variety of ways to suit floor space and application requirements.


Economical belt conveyors in 12-, 18-, and 24-in, widths. Flat belt models available in lengths from 3 to 20 ft and inclined, cleated-belt models in lengths from 3 to 14 ft. Both types in 3-, 4-, 6-, and 8-ft lengths in stock for fast delivery. Horizontal to incline adjustable-angle models in 12-, 18-, and 24-in, widths with either 3 or 4 ft infeed sections and 4 or 5 ft discharge sections also stocked.

Conveyors include self-aligning bearings and Tru-Track belt guidance. Belting is FDA approved, white PVC. Adjustable leg sets included on fiat belt and inclined conveyors to customize heights. Options include swivel castors, discharge chutes, infeed hoppers, and variable-speed drives.


Belt conveyors come in low-profile, adjustable-angle, gravity-roller, heavy-duty, vacuum-gripper, cleated, and sidewall versions. Change belts in as little as 5 min. Load capacity to 700 lb. Widths of 2-40 in., lengths of 2 to 100 ft.

Adjustable-angle conveyors for materials-handling and injection molding applications. LPZ with an adjustable frame can be setup in a variety of configurations to fit manufacturing, assembly, or warehouse needs. Standard cleated and sidewall-cleated belt models adjust from 25-60[degrees] inclines. Flat belt models adjust from a 0-30[degrees] inclines. All models have quick belt change.


Modular conveyor system for light- to medium-duty products. Two-foot modules are constructed from injection molded panels that quickly and easily bolt together. To modify length, modules are simply added or removed. To change elevation, an angled connector (30[degrees] or 45[degrees]) is interchanged with a straight connector. Flexibility provides a custom conveyor for every need and allows reconfiguration in-plant by removing, inserting, or exchanging modules. Positively driven Intralox plastic link-style belting runs through a designed-in path, which eliminates tracking problems common to conventional conveyors. Widths range from 4 to 24 in. and lengths from 2 to 30 ft. Options include five belt types, a variety of adjustable mobile support sets, single and variable-speed drives, side guards to contain tiny parts, and various cleat heights, which can be placed on the belt at required locations.

Parts/runner separators include the lift-pin, which is effective when parts are small and runners large; and the rotating tumbler cage type for parts and runners nearly the same size. Rotating cage also works well on flat and/or long, thin parts.

A typical conveyor or separator can be manufactured from stock parts in hours, eliminating long lead times.


Line of belt conveyors and finished parts-conveying systems, which includes three types of aluminum-frame belt conveyors including inclined and flat belt models in 4-through 24-in, widths and adjustable-angle models in 9- through 24-in, widths.

Steel-frame belt conveyors include Kurv-King horizontal to vertical conveyors with fixed angles of incline and KKI series with adjustable discharge angles. Flat-to-incline and flat-to-adjustable-angle conveyors and combinations can be made for reliable under-press, along side the press, and pass-along parts-conveying. Trunk-line systems provide long distance, plantwide conveying with a selection of belt speeds and widths. These can carry parts from a number of under-press conveyors to central workstations, allowing one operator to service production and packing of parts from several machines.

Economical TrimLine belt conveyors with a 50 lb. maximum load capacity available with an adjustable angle discharge section, as fiat-belt or inclined conveying with belt widths to 24 in.

Specialty robotic parts-removal conveyors and vertical part relay stations for receiving parts at one level and discharging them at another.

Also box filling, weigh scale and cycle count systems and automatic, space-saving box filling systems such as over/under and side-by-side systems. Automatic sweep arms may be included to automatically transfer containers from one conveyor to another.

Three styles of part/runner separators include auger separation for sub-gated parts, finger separation, and roller separation. Finger and roller separators can be added to the end of under-press, fiat-belt, or cleated-belt inclined conveyors. An auger style part/sprue system separator bolts to the end of a belt conveyor and is suitable for subgated parts. Separator is slave driven by an extended belt pulley shaft on the conveyor.

Large-part cooling conveyors, flat-top chain conveyors, rope-belt conveyors and submersible conveyors are available. A variety of belting options adapt such units to specific requirements.


Flat top, neckring, and bulk-air conveyors allow an endless variety of products to be conveyed gently around sharp curves, vertically or horizontally at very low power requirements.

Complete system integration for parts and container handling from molding through packaging. Provides equipment to orient parts or containers on discharge and to transport them in the oriented position. Downstream equipment includes decorators, trimmers, assembly equipment, parts placers, and escapements, which interface with packaging equipment.


Nearly 30 standard belt-conveyor models, specializing in customized designs and systems. Basic models in 6- to 16-ft lengths. Omni line designed for under-machine or low, pass-along installations; HR line recommended for use with pick-and-place robots. All standard models (many with casters) include "V" groove belt tracking adjustment without tools and powered by single-phase, motor/gear-box drives.

Specialized units include Water Bath Conveyor for large part cooling and conveying, Box Boy indexing conveyor for packaging systems, and Carousel turntable conveyor, which automatically counts parts as they drop into bags.

End-of-belt and standalone parts separators can be provided with special "diamond back" belting, which allows steep incline, cleatless conveying up to 45[degrees] or greater.

A count-by-weight system allows direct transfer from the mold to shipping cartons through an electronic scale and arrangement of conveying devices.


Standard and custom parts-handling equipment includes horizontal, angled and adjustable angled conveyors; part/runner separators; static elimination and cooling conveyors; automatic box-filling systems; robotic interface conveyors; QC sample and reject part diverters/reversing conveyors; standard and rotary worktables; and clean rooms.


Centrifugal feeding, unscrambling, orientation and assembly equipment for parts and containers to be decorated and/or sent downstream for secondary finishing operations. Range of models in sizes from 8- through 60-in.-diam. feeder bowls with feeding rates from 20 parts/ min through 2200 parts/mm for common, as well as unusual shapes and sizes. All designs incorporate quick-change tooling capability, low maintenance, reliability, and gentle handling of parts. No vibratory components are used.

Also fiat-top chain and belted variable-speed conveyors and variable-speed, metering, bulk-elevating conveyors from 1 cu-ft to 80 cu-ft capacity in painted or stainless-steel finish.


Product-handling equipment specific to injection molding for conveying, stacking and assembly of parts, as well as servo swing chutes for high-speed oriented part removal. Stackers available for manual or automated box loading.

Servo-driven swing chutes offer high speed, oriented parts removal for applications including thinwall, medical, and technical. Petri dish systems allow complete assembly of lids and bases prior to stacking parts in a carousel for bagging.


Conveyors for blow molded container handling include cable, aluminum tabletop, stainless-steel tabletop, and specialty conveyors. Also automatic or semiautomatic bagging and debagging equipment. Supplies complete turnkey systems for blow molding, filling, casing, and palletizing.


Ultraline and Premier series conveyors plus free-standing separators for parts and runners. Flat horizontal conveyors are 5 to 7 ft long by 12, 18 or 24 in. wide. Also inclined and adjustable horizontal-to-incline models. Variable-speed controls available. (See ad p. 269.)


Information on Italian companies offering parts-handling equipment


Post-molding parts-handling equipment, including horizontal and incline belt conveyors, separators, automatic box-indexing conveyors, water conveyors, and air conveyors, along with regrind fines separators and vibratory sorting equipment Specializes in customer-specific dimensional and performance requirements.


Automatic case and drum palletizers. Frames rigidly welded of structural steel and formed plate. Rigid steel conduit and JIC class air cylinders and solenoid valves are standard equipment. Wherever possible, drives are shaft mounted, which eliminates unnecessary sprocket and chain maintenance. Can design multiple machine configurations with speeds to 100 cases/min.



Under-press conveyors feature 1/3-hp, 110/1/60 drive with hardened sprockets and chain drive with 20 fpm standard. Units also include a true-tracking belt guidance system, soft-drop zone to cushion parts, 4-in.-high adjustable/removable side rails, and a 7/64-in, white PVC belt.


Designs and manufactures conveyor systems, box- and bag-filling systems by weight or count, automatic tray-fill systems, hepfiltered clean rooms, part/runner separators, vertical transfer platforms, robotic and part conditioning conveyors, and plantwide engineered parts-handling systems. Also provides parts-containment solutions with custom mold-side curtains, guideskirts, tiebar sleeves, and complete line of antistatic, stackable resin bins and gaylord/drum filter covers. Parts-containment and parts-handling systems feature gaylord and drum filter covers designed to keep in-process material clean. Mold-side curtains, guideskirts, and tiebar sleeves prevent product loss and contamination by containing the shot and funneling it into a conveyor or box.

Conveyors and box-filling systems designed specifically to solve problems facing molders. Conditioning conveyors provide product cooling, static elimination, and hepa-filtered environments. Special devices allow automatic bad-shot diversion, q-c sampling, and part/runner separation. Box-fill systems fill boxes and/or totes by weight or count Systems can be customized and are designed to be space-efficient, flexible, dependable and user-friendly.


Complete takeaway systems for shuttle-type blowmolders, which can include inline demoilers to remove moils and minor flash. Standard machines can handle parts from 5 to 10 in. high with depths from 1.25 to 4.75 in. Control system has two axes, which can be programmed for coordinated movement. Brushless digital servo motors used for reliability. Removal of tubs accomplished prior to discharge from line. Containers are oriented and exit linearly for other downstream operations.


Range of equipment includes bulk feeders, plastic container unscramblers, secondary orienters, parts sorters and feeders, as well as container closure equipment (cappers, retorquers, lidders, overcappers).


Parts-handling equipment includes Unscramblers, elevator hoppers, air conveyors, stacking machines, and loading systems for inter-facing with printers, labelers, cartoners, baggers, and blister or tray machines.

Rotary centrifugal unscrambler with patented three-belt orienter-feeder can orient caps at speeds to 1200/min. Unit occupies 20 sq ft of floor space.

Self-contained air conveyors move parts on a cushion of air from unscramblers to printers, assembly or lining machinery, and require little maintenance and no lubrication.


Track and chain conveying system consists of a universal link conveyor chain inside a round conveyor track. Flexibility enables conveying through tight-radius curves on both the horizontal and vertical plane. Loads can be transported hanging or can be inverted to convey load-carrying trays.

C-250 series chain is designed for loads to 50 lb per pendant, which are standard on 6-in. centers. Coupling two pendants with a load bar allows 100-lb loads. Distributed loads to 30,000 lb can be conveyed on a 600-ft system with only one drive. Adding additional drives proportionally increases conveyor length. Track sections are prefabricated with a joining flange at each end, simplifying installation. On-site welding is not necessary, and easy rerouting changes can be made.


Feeding and orienting systems capture bottles, caps, and parts directly from the molder and feed them to conveyors for packing, printing, decorating, or assembly.

Bulk bottle and component hopper/conveyors have accumulation bins with cleated elevating belt or pneumatic transporting systems. Most any height and distance can be achieved with pneumatic transporters.


Complete line of molded part conveyors designed for continuous industrial use in sizes from 6 to 48 in. wide and 3 to over 20 feet in length. Models include a VeeGuide belt-tracking system with full two-year warranty. Most standard sizes in stock and custom designs made-to-order. (See ad p. 299.)


Supplies downstream automated equipment for blow molding, which includes take-out and orientation systems, automatic deflashers, spin trimmers, leak testers, flame treaters, accumulators, and automated packaging systems.

New equipment includes the Unipik takeaway and orientation system for Uniloy reciprocating-screw blow molding machines. Systems is used in conjunction with company's Provac vacuum conveyor and Pneutrim Plus deflasher to improve efficiency, reduce jam-ups, and minimize changeover time.

Other new systems include the Petpic PET orientation system to work in-line with the new Propak palletizing and packaging systems designed to focus on the PET market (See also Robots.)

[greater than]SAS AUTOMATION[less than]

Belt conveyors have aluminum frame and side guards, automatic belt tensioning, easy and flexible adjustments.


Complete pneumatic conveying systems for parts handling through a venturi system handle bottles, bottle caps, drinking cups, tabs and tails, and components of various shapes and sizes. Conveying distance up to 1000 ft.


Under-the-press conveyors, box-filling systems, and pail/runner separators.

Separators available as free-standing units or attached to the discharge end of a conveyor, offering quick and easy segregation of runners from parts. Several styles suit specific part and runner configurations.

Specializes in recycling conveyors available with metal detectors. Can be integrated into system to match conveyor feedrate with throughput rate of grinder.


Custom assembly systems, integrating assembly and test equipment; and custom stackers, integrating conveyors, pick-and-place units, indexers and vision systems.
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