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Otary-Electrabel in race for 7th offshore wind farm - report.

(ADPnews) - May 26, 2011 - The Otary consortium and Belgian power utility Electrabel SA have filed a permit application to win concession rights for the seventh wind farm in the Belgian section of the North Sea, today.

Otary, which consists of Aspiravi, Deme, Electrawinds, Nuhma, Power@Sea, Rent-A-Port, Socofe and Sriw Environnement, and Electrabel have set up a special-purpose vehicle, called Mermaid, for the permission procedure. Mermaid is 65%-owned by Otary.

The planned wind farm will be located approximately 60 km from the Belgium coast, to the North of the Bligh Bank sand bank.

This is the last concession to be awarded for a Belgian wind park in the North Sea. The new park will be the biggest one of the seven offshore wind mill projects.

If the bidders win the concession, the first wind mills will commence operations in five years, the paper said.
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Publication:ADP News Belgium
Date:May 26, 2011
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