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Oswald has say on threat to his home.

Oswald, the 13-year-old cat who lives at the Smith and is a popular feature of the venue, has penned his own plea to Stirling Council - with some help from the museum's poet- in-residence John Coutts.

The poem (below) is not the pair's only collaboration - John joined with Oswald to write 'Oswald the Cat's Book of Poems for Fun and Finding Out'in May last year.

Here's Oswald's address to the councillors: Ye Cooncillors, baith guid and great, meetin' each year tae calculate The cash in hand, and allocate Grant aid again; Tak heed! Deep cuts could seal the fate O' cats and men! The 'Stirling Smith' is where I bide As Cat in Residence. Wi' pride I spread its glories far and wide.

And dae my duty. It's guid that Oswald can preside On art and beauty.

Ye'll find me lying on the flair, As if I didnae hae a care; But noo - dear me - I've heard a scare O' cuts impendin'! A moggy cannae tear its hair; Instead I'm sendin' These helpfu' lines in Scottish verse.

We'll no' deny the public purse Is skint - but dinnae mak things worse. And let us doon. Tae slash 'The Smith' would bring a curse On Stirling toon!

Dear Cooncil, when debate is brewin', And mony worthy causes queuin', Judge without bias - or pooh-poohin'.

Let right prevail! I'll thank ye then wi' grateful mewin', An' wavin' tail.


Feline sad Oswald unhappy about plan to axe museum funding

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Stirling Observer (Stirling, Scotland)
Date:Jan 31, 2018
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