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Osteosarcoma Amputation: The surgery extends your quality time together. Apr 1, 2021 1417
Short Communication - A rare case of mandibular osteosarcoma with myxoid pattern. Manish Kumar and Manas Bajpai Mar 31, 2021 412
Characterization of D-17 Canine Osteosarcoma Cell Line and Evaluation of Its Ability to Response to Infective Stressor Used as Alternative Anticancer Therapy. Modesto, Paola; Fernandez, Jordi Leonardo Castrillo; Martini, Isabella; Zoccola, Roberto; De Ciucis, Report Nov 1, 2020 7665
First Metatarsal Osteosarcoma with Lung Metastasis. Usmani, Yasmeen; Shukla, Mayank Kumar; Bhartiya, Pranav Oct 26, 2020 1537
Circular RNA circCCDC66 Contributes to Malignant Phenotype of Osteosarcoma by Sponging miR-338-3p to Upregulate the Expression of PTP1B. Xiang, Deng; Li, Yugang; Lin, Yanshui Report Aug 31, 2020 4012
Identification and Functional Analysis of [EPOR.sup.+] Tumor-Associated Macrophages in Human Osteosarcoma Lung Metastasis. Li, Yanxing; Li, Ming; Wei, Rong; Wu, Junlong Aug 31, 2020 8263
Integrated Genome-Wide Methylation and Expression Analyses Reveal Key Regulators in Osteosarcoma. Wang, Fei; Qin, Guoqing; Liu, Junzhi; Wang, Xiunan; Ye, Baoguo Aug 31, 2020 3822
Ginsenoside Rg1 Drives Stimulations of Timosaponin AlII-Induced Anticancer Effects in Human Osteosarcoma Cells. Lee, Sang Yeol Aug 31, 2020 5866
Circular RNA circHIPK3 Promotes Cell Metastasis through miR-637/STAT3 Axis in Osteosarcoma. Huang, Zhongyue; Yuan, Chunyan; Gu, Huijie; Cheng, Xiangyang; Zhou, Kaifeng; Xu, Jun; Yin, Xiaofan; Report Aug 31, 2020 3838
Association of JMJD2B and Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1 Expressions with Poor Prognosis in Osteosarcoma. Liu, Xujian; Zhang, Qianqian; Zhao, Yi; Xun, Jianjun; Wu, Hongzeng; Feng, Helin Report Aug 31, 2020 3402
Ginsenoside Rg3 Inhibits the Growth of Osteosarcoma and Attenuates Metastasis through the Wnt/[beta]-Catenin and EMT Signaling Pathway. Mao, Xiaohan; Jin, Yaqian; Feng, Tianyu; Wang, Hao; Liu, Dan; Zhou, Zhangxu; Yan, Qi; Yang, Huini; Y Jul 31, 2020 5320
Triggering of Apoptosis in Osteosarcoma 143B Cell Line by Carbon Quantum Dots via the Mitochondrial Apoptotic Signal Pathway. Jiao, Yang; Guo, Yimin; Fan, Yingcong; Wang, Rui; Li, Xiang; Wu, Hao; Meng, Zhichao; Yang, Xin; Cui, Report Jul 31, 2020 7821
Circular RNA circFAT1(e2) Promotes Osteosarcoma Progression and Metastasis by Sponging miR-181b and Regulating HK2 Expression. Gu, Huijie; Cheng, Xiangyang; Xu, Jun; Zhou, Kaifeng; Bian, Chong; Chen, Guangnan; Yin, Xiaofan Report Jul 31, 2020 3320
Potential Anticancer Activity of Crude Ethanol, Ethyl Acetate, and Water Extracts of Ephedra foeminea on Human Osteosarcoma U2OS Cell Viability and Migration. Mpingirika, Eric Zadok; Hosseiny, Ahmed El; Bakheit, Sheri Magdy Saleeb; Arafeh, Rami; Amleh, Asma Report Jul 31, 2020 10023
Parosteal Osteosarcoma: A Benign-Looking Tumour, Amenable to a Variety of Surgical Reconstruction. Prabowo, Yogi; Kamal, Achmad Fauzi; Kodrat, Evelina; Prasetyo, Marcel; Maruanaya, Samuel; Efar, Toto Jun 30, 2020 3157
CircEIF4G2 Promotes Tumorigenesis and Progression of Osteosarcoma by Sponging miR-218. Lin, Erhu; Liu, Shuai; Xiang, Wei; Zhang, Hongbo; Xie, Chaofan Jun 30, 2020 4260
Results of a Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled, Phase 2.5 Study of Saracatinib (AZD0530), in Patients with Recurrent Osteosarcoma Localized to the Lung. Baird, Kristin; Glod, John; Steinberg, Seth M.; Reinke, Denise; Pressey, Joseph G.; Mascarenhas, Leo Clinical report May 31, 2020 4499
Long-Term Follow-up of a Randomized Study of Oral Etoposide versus Viscum album Fermentatum Pini as Maintenance Therapy in Osteosarcoma Patients in Complete Surgical Remission after Second Relapse. Longhi, Alessandra; Cesari, Marilena; Serra, Massimo; Mariani, Erminia Clinical report May 31, 2020 5374
Differentiation of Pelvic Osteosarcoma and Ewing Sarcoma Using Radiomic Analysis Based on T2-Weighted Images and Contrast-Enhanced T1-Weighted Images. Dai, Yi; Yin, Ping; Mao, Ning; Sun, Chao; Wu, Jiangfen; Cheng, Guanxun; Hong, Nan May 31, 2020 4654
Prognostic Factors for Development of Subsequent Metastases in Localized Osteosarcoma: A Systematic Review and Identification of Literature Gaps. Basile, Patrick; Greengard, Emily; Weigel, Brenda; Spector, Logan Clinical report Apr 30, 2020 5082
[beta]-Phenethyl Isothiocyanate Induces Cell Death in Human Osteosarcoma through Altering Iron Metabolism, Disturbing the Redox Balance, and Activating the MAPK Signaling Pathway. Lv, Huanhuan; Zhen, Chenxiao; Liu, Junyu; Shang, Peng Apr 30, 2020 10362
FAM64A Promotes Osteosarcoma Cell Growth and Metastasis and Is Mediated by miR-493. Jiang, Ying; Zhou, Chunlei; Gao, Qiang; Yin, Zhi-Qi; Wang, Jingwen; Mu, Hong; Yan, Jun Report Mar 31, 2020 3464
EFEMP1 as a Potential Biomarker for Diagnosis and Prognosis of Osteosarcoma. Wang, Zhuo; Kang, Jihui; Lian, Jiayan; Huang, Leilei; Xie, Wenlin; Zhao, Dongliang; Ma, Huisi; Lin, Mar 31, 2020 5204
TRIM58 Interacts with Pyruvate Kinase M2 to Inhibit Tumorigenicity in Human Osteosarcoma Cells. Yuan, Peng; Zhou, Yiyi; Wang, Rui; Chen, Shayang; Wang, Qiqi; Xu, Zhujie; Liu, Yi; Yang, Huilin Mar 31, 2020 4117
Strontium/Chitosan/Hydroxyapatite/Norcantharidin Composite That Inhibits Osteosarcoma and Promotes Osteogenesis In Vitro. Huang, Zhipeng; Sun, Haoyuan; Lu, Yang; Zhao, Fengnian; Liu, Chang; Wang, Qinglong; Zheng, Changming Mar 1, 2020 6117
Cytokeratin-Positive Osteosarcoma Simulating Sarcomatoid Metastatic Carcinoma. Murtaza, Hamza; Arain, Abdul Rehman; Anoushiravani, Afshin; Thadani, Sean; de la Roza, Gustavo; Naou Mar 1, 2020 2824
AdipoRon Affects Cell Cycle Progression and Inhibits Proliferation in Human Osteosarcoma Cells. Sapio, Luigi; Nigro, Ersilia; Ragone, Angela; Salzillo, Alessia; Illiano, Michela; Spina, Annamaria; Mar 1, 2020 7593
Does Reconstruction with Reimplantation of Sterilized Tumor Bone Provide Survival Benefit in Diaphyseal Osteosarcoma? Nayak, Prakash; Gulia, Ashish; Puri, Ajay Mar 1, 2020 2525
Downregulation of miR-1826 Indicates a Poor Prognosis for Osteosarcoma Patients and Regulates Tumor Cell Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion. Li, Peng; Wei, Lei; Zhu, Wenshuai Mar 1, 2020 4004
OSTEOSARCOMA: PROGNOSIS AFTER STANDARD MANAGEMENT AND FACTOR RELATED TO GOOD PROGNOSIS. Abdul Qadir Khan, Mubashar Ahmed Bajwa, Muhammad Jameel, Hafiz Muhammad Yaqoob, Naveed Ullah Khan an Feb 14, 2020 2329
Chondroblastoma-like Osteosarcoma. Al Hmada, Youssef; Bernieh, Anas; Morris, Robert W.; Lewin, Jack; Allen, Timothy Jan 1, 2020 1518
Primary Osteosarcoma of the Breast in a Patient Treated Previously for Invasive Ductal Carcinoma: An Unusual Presentation of a Very Rare Primary Breast Malignancy. Milne, David Malcolm; Sookar, Navin; Umakanthan, Srikanth; Rampersad, Fidel; Olivier, Lyronne; Ali, Jan 1, 2020 2500
Suspected Radiation-Induced Osteosarcoma in a Domestic Shorthair Cat. Swieton, Natalie; Nykamp, Stephanie G.; Poirier, Valerie J.; Wainberg, Shannon; Oblak, Michelle L. Jan 1, 2020 4418
Tripartite Motif Containing 11 Interacts with DUSP6 to Promote the Growth of Human Osteosarcoma Cells through Regulating ERK1/2 Pathway. Wang, Zhaofeng; Xu, Xiaobo; Tang, Wenxiao; Zhu, Youcai; Hu, Jichao; Zhang, Xingen Jan 1, 2020 4638
Metformin Suppresses Self-Renewal Ability and Tumorigenicity of Osteosarcoma Stem Cells via Reactive Oxygen Species-Mediated Apoptosis and Autophagy. Zhao, Bin; Luo, Jie; Wang, Ye; Zhou, Liangfu; Che, Jingmin; Wang, Fang; Peng, Songlin; Zhang, Ge; Sh Dec 31, 2019 8823
miR-509-5p Inhibits the Proliferation and Invasion of Osteosarcoma by Targeting TRIB2. Guo, Jiekun; Wu, Qiang; Peng, Xiaoming; Yu, Bin Dec 31, 2019 4504
NFIL3 Acts as a Nuclear Factor to Increase Osteosarcoma Progression. Xu, Jiaxing; Xu, Gongping; Zhang, Tingxin; Chen, Tiantian; Zhao, Wei; Wang, Guangyou Dec 31, 2019 3831
Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1A Upregulates HMGN5 by Increasing the Expression of GATA1 and Plays a Role in Osteosarcoma Metastasis. Xu, Enjie; Ji, Zhe; Jiang, Heng; Lin, Tao; Ma, Jun; Zhou, Xuhui Dec 31, 2019 5009
hsa_circ0021347 as a Potential Target Regulated by B7-H3 in Modulating the Malignant Characteristics of Osteosarcoma. Wang, Ling; Zhang, Guo-chuan; Kang, Fu-Biao; Zhang, Long; Zhang, Ying-ze Dec 31, 2019 5988
Piceatannol Inhibits Akt Activation, Induces G2/M Phase Arrest and Mitochondrial Apoptosis and Augments Cisplatin Efficacy in U2OS Osteosarcoma Cells. Zijuan Li, Rong Ma, Muhammad Khan, Chenchen Liu, Xiaolin Cui and Yongming Li Dec 31, 2019 4244
The DNMT1/miR-34a Axis Is Involved in the Stemness of Human Osteosarcoma Cells and Derived Stem-Like Cells. Liang, Xiao; Xu, Chang; Wang, Wanchun; Li, Xiang Nov 30, 2019 7525
Osteosarcoma Market 2019-2025 Treatment, Diagnosis, Size, Growth, Comparative Analysis to grow at CAGR of 6.09%. Oct 22, 2019 787
Human-Canine Genetic Similarities: Research looks at osteosarcoma in dogs and children. Gardner, H.L. Sep 28, 2019 450
Prediction of Chemotherapy Response of Osteosarcoma Using Baseline [sup.18]F-FDG Textural Features Machine Learning Approaches with PCA. Jeong, Su Young; Kim, Wook; Byun, Byung Hyun; Kong, Chang-Bae; Song, Won Seok; Lim, Ilhan; Lim, Sang Aug 31, 2019 4038
Osteosarcoma: OSA is just one type of bone cancer, but it's the most common--and has a poor prognosis. Dobbins, Barbara Aug 1, 2019 2786
Combination Therapy with Disulfiram, Copper, and Doxorubicin for Osteosarcoma: In Vitro Support for a Novel Drug Repurposing Strategy. Mandell, Jonathan B.; Lu, Feiqi; Fisch, Matthew; Beumer, Jan H.; Guo, Jianxia; Watters, Rebecca J.; Jul 31, 2019 5665
Cytotoxic Effects of Artemisia annua L. and Pure Artemisinin on the D-17 Canine Osteosarcoma Cell Line. Isani, Gloria; Bertocchi, Martina; Andreani, Giulia; Farruggia, Giovanna; Cappadone, Concettina; Sal Jul 31, 2019 6200
A lead for treating osteosarcoma found. Jul 21, 2019 450
Diagnosis of Extra Skeletal Pleomorphic Osteosarcoma in a Stallion. Prasad, V. Devi; Kumar, P. Ravi; Manasa, B. Baby; Sreenu, Makkena Jul 1, 2019 1401
Focused Ultrasound Effects on Osteosarcoma Cell Lines. Agnese, Valentina; Costa, Viviana; Scoarughi, Gian Luca; Corso, Cristiano; Carina, Valeria; De Luca, Jun 30, 2019 8769
Simultaneous osteosarcoma and adenocarcinoma of the gallbladder: A rare case report and literature review. Cho, Jin-Kyu; Lee, Woohyung; Jang, Jae Yool; Yang, Jung-Wook; Hong, Soon-Chan; Jeong, Chi-Young Jun 1, 2019 1133
Simultaneous osteosarcoma and adenocarcinoma of the gallbladder: A rare case report and literature review. Cho, Jin-Kyu; Lee, Woohyung; Jang, Jae Yool; Yang, Jung-Wook; Hong, Soon-Chan; Jeong, Chi-Young Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2019 1008
Treatment-Related Prognostic Factors in Managing Osteosarcoma around the Knee with Limb Salvage Surgery: A Lesson from a Long-Term Follow-Up Study. Hu, Jianping; Zhang, Chunlin; Zhu, Kunpeng; Zhang, Lei; Cai, Tao; Zhan, Taicheng; Luo, Xiong Report May 31, 2019 7686
Limitations of Cross-Talk Between Osteosarcoma and Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Basbinar, Yasemin; Uysal, Tugba; Karaca, Caner; Daskin, Ezgi; Meco, Hanife Ecenur; Pakdemirli, Ahu; May 1, 2019 3759
Bone Cancer Vaccine: University of Missouri veterinary oncologists partner with ELIAS Animal Health to study a promising immunotherapeutic treatment for canine osteosarcoma. Dobbins, Barbara Apr 1, 2019 591
Potential Regulatory Effects of miR-182-3p in Osteosarcoma via Targeting EBF2. Chen, Gaoyang; Yu, Wenqing; Li, Zhaoyan; Wang, Qingyu; Yang, Qiwei; Du, Zhenwu; Zhang, Guizhen; Song Mar 31, 2019 4133
Astragalus polysaccharides decrease proliferation, migration, and invasion but increase apoptosis of human osteosarcoma cells by up-regulation of microRNA-133a. Chu, Yanchen; Fang, Yuan; Chi, Jingwei; Li, Jing; Zhang, Dongyang; Zou, Yunwen; Wang, Zhijie Report Dec 1, 2018 4972
Chondroblastic osteosarcoma with venous invasion and tumor emboli to the lungs. Bolotin, George; Dao, Tuan V.; Vatsky, Seth; Patel, Mittun; Dickman, Paul; Jacobsen, Jeffrey; Jorgen Case study Sep 1, 2018 1075
Effect and Mechanism of EGFL7 Downregulation in Human Osteosarcoma Cells on the Biological Function of Co-cultured HUVEC. Li, Xia; Liu, Li-Feng; Liu, Yang-Zhou; Pan, Yu-Tao; Li, Guang; Lu, Qing-You; Li, Zeng-Chun Report Mar 1, 2018 4158
Osteosarcoma of the rib: A rare presentation. Bay, Sema Buyukkapu; Kebudi, Rejin; Iribas, Ayca; Gorgun, Omer; Agaoglu, Fulya; Gun, Feryal; Celik, Case study Mar 1, 2018 1770
High-Grade Osteosarcoma of the Foot: Presentation, Treatment, Prognostic Factors, and Outcome of 23 Cooperative Osteosarcoma Study Group COSS Patients. Schuster, Anne J.; Kager, Leo; Reichardt, Peter; Baumhoer, Daniel; Csoka, Monika; Hecker-Nolting, St Report Jan 1, 2018 6801
Aerosol Gemcitabine after Amputation Inhibits Osteosarcoma Lung Metastases but Not Wound Healing. Kleinerman, Eugenie S.; Yu, Ling; Dao, Jasmine; Hayes-Jordan, Andrea A.; Lindsey, Brock; Kawedia, Ji Report Jan 1, 2018 6043
Periosteal Osteosarcoma: A Single-Institutional Study of Factors Related to Oncologic Outcomes. Chan, Chung Ming; Lindsay, Adam D.; Spiguel, Andre R.V.; Gibbs, C. Parker, Jr.; Scarborough, Mark T. Report Jan 1, 2018 3882
Using the Spleen as an In Vivo Systemic Immune Barometer Alongside Osteosarcoma Disease Progression and Immunotherapy with [alpha]-PD-L1. Markel, Justin E.; Noore, Jabeen; Emery, Eric J.; Bobnar, Harley J.; Kleinerman, Eugenie S.; Lindsey Jan 1, 2018 10503
The Role of Osteocalcin and Alkaline Phosphatase Immunohistochemistry in Osteosarcoma Diagnosis. Agustina, Hasrayati; Asyifa, Ita; Aziz, Afiati; Hernowo, Bethy S. Jan 1, 2018 2829
A Rare Extraskeletal Osteosarcoma Appearing After 55 Years on a Large Stage 3 Burn Scar. (Case Report). Vanhooteghem, O.; Theate, I. Jan 1, 2018 1433
Fabrication of a Porous Metal-Organic Framework with Polar Channels for 5-Fu Delivery and Inhibiting Human Osteosarcoma Cells. Zhao, Li-Chun; Tang, Mei; Zhang, Qian-Hua; Hu, Zhi-Yi; Gao, Hong-Wei; Liao, Xia-Yun; Wang, Gang; Len Jan 1, 2018 3930
Malignant Transformation of Testicular Teratoma to PNET, Adenocarcinoma, and Osteosarcoma with Complete Remission after Surgery and Combination Chemotherapy in a Young Adult Male. Shaw, Angela; Morrell, Miriam; Hayes-Jordan, Annikka WeissferdAndrea; Harrison, Douglas Jan 1, 2018 1752
Osteoblastic Osteosarcoma Arising beneath an Osteochondroma in an 11-Year-Old Male with Multiple Hereditary Exostoses. Bukara, Emmanuel; Buteera, Alex M.; Karakire, Robert; Manirakiza, Felix; Muhumuza, Samuel; Rudakemwa Jan 1, 2018 4064
Ginsenoside Rg3 Suppresses Proliferation and Induces Apoptosis in Human Osteosarcoma. Li, Yi; Lu, Jinying; Bai, Furong; Xiao, Yanan; Guo, Yiran; Don, Ziming Jan 1, 2018 4066
Identification of Key Genes and miRNAs in Osteosarcoma Patients with Chemoresistance by Bioinformatics Analysis. Xie, Binbin; Li, Yiran; Zhao, Rongjie; Xu, Yuzi; Wu, Yuhui; Wang, Ji; Xia, Dongdong; Han, Weidong; C Jan 1, 2018 4977
Indole-3-Carbinol Induces Apoptosis in Human Osteosarcoma MG-63 and U2OS Cells. Lee, Chang Min; Lee, Jongsung; Nam, Myeong Jin; Park, See-Hyoung Jan 1, 2018 6548
MiR-92a Inhibits the Progress of Osteosarcoma Cells and Increases the Cisplatin Sensitivity by Targeting Notch1. Liu, Quanxiang; Song, Yang; Duan, Xianliang; Chang, Yuan; Guo, Jianping Jan 1, 2018 4210
Citrus aurantium Naringenin Prevents Osteosarcoma Progression and Recurrence in the Patients Who Underwent Osteosarcoma Surgery by Improving Antioxidant Capability. Zhang, Lirong; Xu, Xiaohua; Jiang, Tiechao; Wu, Kunzhe; Ding, Chuanbo; Liu, Zhen; Zhang, Xuanhe; Yu, Jan 1, 2018 10567
Aratana Therapeutics awarded conditional license for canine osteosarcoma vaccine fro USDA. Dec 21, 2017 282
Aratana Therapeutics awarded conditional license for canine osteosarcoma vaccine fro USDA. Dec 21, 2017 278
Primary osteosarcoma of the breast. Guys, Nicholas; Khan, Sami; Kezlarian, Brie; Shah, Biren A. Case study Dec 1, 2017 1196
A Pre-Adolescent with Tibia Pain. Ladores, Sigrid; Bray, Leigh Ann; Jordan, Jeremy Case study Nov 1, 2017 1921
Transition from Tumor Tissue to Bone Marrow in Patients with Appendicular Osteosarcoma after Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy. Deng, Zhi-Ping; Liu, Bao-Yue; Sun, Yang; Jin, Tao; Li, Bin; Ding, Yi; Niu, Xiao-Hui Report Sep 20, 2017 2331
Calvarial osteosarcoma with cerebral compression in a free-ranging powerful owl (Ninox strenua). Brief article Sep 1, 2017 158
Osteosarcoma outcomes at a South African tertiary hospital. Lisenda, L.; Linda, Z.A.; Snyman, F.P.J.; Kyte, R.D.; Lukhele, M. Sep 1, 2017 3640
MicroRNA-340-5p modulates cisplatin resistance by targeting LPAAT[beta] in osteosarcoma. Song, L.; Duan, P.; Gan, Y.; Li, P.; Zhao, C.; Xu, J.; Zhang, Z.; Zhou, Q. Report May 1, 2017 4916
Effects of siRNA-mediated HIF-1a gene silencing on angiogenesis in osteosarcoma. Apr 30, 2017 2101
Tragic woman, 20, plans her own funeral so she fulfills last wish to 'die beautiful'; In a tribute to the film Die Beautiful, Racine Pregunta, 20, lay in her coffin this week looking stunning just as she planned during her battle with osteosarcoma. Patrick Lion Apr 22, 2017 831
Ferulic acid promoting apoptosis in human osteosarcoma cell lines. Feb 28, 2017 2913
Investigating ego modules and pathways in osteosarcoma by integrating the EgoNet algorithm and pathway analysis. Chen, X.Y.; Chen, Y.H.; Zhang, L.J.; Wang, Y.; Tong, Z.C. Report Feb 1, 2017 4132
Primary Osteosarcoma of the Breast Arising in an Intraductal Papilloma. Alghofaily, Khalefa Ali; Almushayqih, Musab Hamoud; Alanazi, Muhannad Faleh; Salamah, Abdullah Abdul Jan 1, 2017 1347
Pedicle frozen autograft for limb sparing surgery in a dog with femoral osteosarcoma/Autoenxerto pedicular congelado para preservacao do membro em um cao com osteossarcoma femoral. Gouvea, Aline Silva; Lichtler, Juliana; Scherer, Simone; Mombach, Veronica Santos; dos Reis, Kaue Da Dec 1, 2016 2004
Delayed High-dose Methotrexate Excretion and Influencing Factors in Osteosarcoma Patients. Zhang, Wei; Zhang, Qing; Zheng, Ting-Ting; Zhen, Jian-Cun; Niu, Xiao-Hui Report Nov 5, 2016 3410
Histopathologic Features of Prognostic Significance in High-Grade Osteosarcoma. Chui, Michael Herman; Kandel, Rita A.; Wong, Marcus; Griffin, Anthony M.; Bell, Robert S.; Blackstei Nov 1, 2016 6340
Low-grade fibroblast osteosarcoma. A case report and literature review/Osteosarcoma mandibular fibroblastico de bajo grado. Reporte de caso y revision de la literatura. Davila, Jorge Andres Velazco; Ladino, Julian Danilo Camacho; Garcia, Luis Fernando Jaramillo; Rojas, Oct 1, 2016 1708
Is There a Reliable Method to Predict the Limb Length Discrepancy after Chemotherapy and Limb Salvage Surgery in Children with Osteosarcoma?. Li, Yuan; Liao, Feng; Xu, Hai-Rong; Niu, Xiao-Hui Aug 20, 2016 2449
New market study, "Osteosarcoma Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2016", has been published. Report Jun 8, 2016 529
Malignant transformation of a high-grade osteoblastoma of the petrous apex with subcutaneous metastasis. Kraft, Casey T.; Morrison, Robert J.; Arts, H. Alexander Clinical report Jun 1, 2016 2207
Advaxis awarded the US FDA's Fast Track Designation for ADXS-HER2 for treating patients with newly-diagnosed, non-metastatic, surgically-resectable osteosarcoma. Apr 28, 2016 257
Advaxis awarded the US FDA's Fast Track Designation for ADXS-HER2 for treating patients with newly-diagnosed, non-metastatic, surgically-resectable osteosarcoma. Apr 28, 2016 253
An atypical presentation of myositis ossificans. Bultheel, M.; Kirby, J.H.; Viljoen, J.T.; Viviers, P.L. Author abstract Mar 1, 2016 1324
TP53 mutations and survival in osteosarcoma patients: a meta-analysis of published data. Chen, Zhe; Guo, Jiayi; Zhang, Kun; Guo, Yanxing Report Jan 1, 2016 3462
miR-1 inhibits cell growth, migration, and invasion by targeting VEGFA in osteosarcoma cells. Niu, Junjie; Sun, Yibao; Guo, Qiaoge; Niu, Dongju; Liu, Bo Report Jan 1, 2016 4699
Bufalin Inhibits Proliferation and Induces Apoptosis in Osteosarcoma Cells by Downregulating MicroRNA-221. Zhang, Jianjun; Sha, Jingjing; Zhou, Yan; Han, Kun; Wang, Yaling; Su, Yang; Yin, Xiuyi; Hu, Haiyan; Jan 1, 2016 5216
Newly released market study: Osteosarcoma - Pipeline Review, H2 2015. Report Dec 28, 2015 484
Advaxis passes orphan drug designation in the EU for ADXS-HER2 for osteosarcoma. Dec 2, 2015 231
Advaxis passes orphan drug designation in the EU for ADXS-HER2 for osteosarcoma. Dec 2, 2015 227
Maxillary osteosarcoma masquerading as chronic sinusitis--an intriguing case for surgical pathologists. Chakraborty, Soham; Datta, Jayati; Mahata, Manisha; Mukherjee, Sanghamitra; Das, Tushar Kanti Clinical report Dec 1, 2015 1196
Polyostotic chondroblastic osteosarcoma in a kestrel (Falco tinnunculus). Bossa, Luigi Maria De Luca; Mennonna, Giuseppina; Meomartino, Leonardo; Paciello, Orlando; Ciccarell Report Dec 1, 2015 1295
OSTEOSARCOMA - THE FACTS. Nov 24, 2015 174
Mylan introduces generic Fusilev for Injection for treating high-dose methotrexate therapy in osteosarcoma. Oct 28, 2015 193
Mylan introduces generic Fusilev for Injection for treating high-dose methotrexate therapy in osteosarcoma. Oct 28, 2015 189
The Surgical Treatment and Outcome of Nonmetastatic Extremity Osteosarcoma with Pathological Fractures. Deng, Zhi-Ping; Ding, Yi; Puri, Ajay; Wang, Edward; Gulia, Ashish; Durban, Claire; Niu, Xiao-Hui Report Oct 5, 2015 2145
Case-control Retrospective Study of Osteosarcoma Incidence in Fluoridated and Non-fluoridated Communities. Sep 26, 2015 4249
Osteoblastic osteosarcoma. Cronin, Kevin; Bui, Marilyn; Caracciolo, Jamie T. Clinical report Jul 1, 2015 1928
Alopecurone B reverses doxorubicin-resistant human osteosarcoma cell line by inhibiting P-glycoprotein and NF-kappa B signaling. Xia, Yuan-Zheng; Ni, Kai; Guo, Chao; Zhang, Chao; Geng, Ya-Di; Wang, Zhen-Dong; Yang, Lei; Kong, Lin Report Mar 15, 2015 5244
From aneurysmal bone cyst to telangiectatic osteosarcoma with metastasis in inguinal lymph nodes--case report/OD aneurizmalne kostane ciste do telangiektaticnog osteosarkoma sa metastazom u ingvinalnim limfnim cvorovima--prikaz slucaja. Janevska, Vesna; Spasevska, Liljana; Samardziski, Milan; Nikodinovska, Violeta; Zhivadinovik, Julija Clinical report Mar 1, 2015 3169
An unusual case of penile metastases from Osteosarcoma of femur. Kamoji, Sushruth G.; Arunkumar, S.; Shariff, V.N.S. Ahamed Clinical report Jan 12, 2015 1128
Population Pharmacokinetics of High-dose Methotrexate After Intravenous Administration in Chinese Osteosarcoma Patients from a Single Institution. Zhang, Wei; Zhang, Qing; Tian, Xiaohuang; Zhao, Haitao; Lu, Wei; Zhen, Jiancun; Niu, Xiaohui Report Jan 1, 2015 4398
Patterns of care and outcomes of adult osteosarcoma in a tertiary care cancer centre in Pakistan. Oct 31, 2014 2974
Polymorphisms of vascular endothelial growth factor on prognosis in osteosarcoma patients. Clinical report Oct 31, 2014 3553
Chondroblastic osteosarcoma in a 13 year old child. Sonia Bai, J.K. Clinical report Oct 1, 2014 1824
Effect of ABCB1 polymorphism on the clinical outcome of osteosarcoma patients after receiving chemotherapy. Clinical report Aug 31, 2014 3270
Aratana Therapeutics files AT-014's product license with USDA for treating canine osteosarcoma. Jul 2, 2014 233
Study shows microRNA-9 expression may be prognostic biomarker for osteosarcoma. Jun 30, 2014 167
Advaxis announces US FDA's Orphan Drug Designation for ADXS-cHER2 for the treatment of osteosarcoma. May 28, 2014 193
Advaxis announces US FDA's Orphan Drug Designation for ADXS-cHER2 for the treatment of osteosarcoma. May 28, 2014 197
Prognostic significance of proliferative activity (Ki67 expression) in osteosarcoma in children. Paul, Moumita; Karmakar, Arnab; Chatterjee, Uttara; Saha, Uttam Kumar; Saha, Koushik; Chatterjee, Na May 12, 2014 2842
Parosteal Osteosarcoma. Hang, Jen-Fan; Chen, Paul Chih-Hsueh May 1, 2014 3546
New hope for treating osteosarcoma on the horizon: Therapies show promise in extending life for dogs with bone cancer. Apr 1, 2014 704
Osteosarcoma of the tibiotarsus with possible pulmonary metastasis in a ring-necked dove (Streptopelia risoria). Lamb, Stephanie; Reavill, Drury; Wojcieszyn, John; Sitinas, Nicholas Report Mar 1, 2014 3994
Surgical management of tibial osteosarcoma in a dog. Balagopalan, T.P.; Aruljothi, N.; De Souza, Farah M. Report Jan 1, 2014 1073
Maxillary osteosarcoma and its therapeutic management in a dog. Chandrasekar, M.; Shiju Simon, M.; Nambi, A.P. Report Jan 1, 2014 960
Blocked autophagy by miR-101 enhances osteosarcoma cell chemosensitivity in vitro. Chang, Zhiqiang; Huo, Lifeng; Li, Kun; Wu, Yiming; Hu, Zhenming Report Jan 1, 2014 2938
Correlations of ezrin expression with pathological characteristics and prognosis of osteosarcoma: a meta-analysis. Zhao, Da-Hang; Zhu, Jiang; Wang, Wen-Bo; Dong, Feng; Zhang, Qiao; Fan, Hong-Wu; Zhang, Jing-Zhe; Wan Report Jan 1, 2014 3693
4-Hydroxy-2-nonenal induces apoptosis by inhibiting AKT signaling in human osteosarcoma cells. Ji, Guang-rong; Yu, Nai-chun; Xue, Xiang; Li, Zong-guang Report Jan 1, 2014 3536
Assessment of the risk of osteosarcoma recurrence in canine long bone replants. Mitrokhina, Natalya Viktorovna; Vatnikov, Yury Anatolyevich; Sotnikova, Elena Dmitriyevna; Kulikov, Statistical data Jan 1, 2014 1560
A randomized study on postrelapse disease-free survival with adjuvant mistletoe versus oral etoposide in osteosarcoma patients. Longhi, Alessandra; Reif, Marcus; Mariani, Erminia; Ferrari, Stefano Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 6041
Content determination of active component in Huangqi Yinyanghuo Group and its effects on hTERT and Bcl-2 protein in osteosarcoma. Tan, Ying; Tan, Lei; Huang, Shuai; Lu, Junfan; Yu, Longtan Report Jan 1, 2014 3809
Identification of osteosarcoma-related specific proteins in serum samples using surface-enhanced laser desorption/ionization-time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Gu, Jianli; Li, Jitian; Huang, Manyu; Zhang, Zhiyong; Li, Dongsheng; Song, Guoying; Ding, Xingpo; Li Report Jan 1, 2014 2903
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