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Osteoporosis treatments category: feeding and swallowing issues.

I am the parent of a 26-year-old, multihandicapped daughter. Our daughter has been diagnosed with osteoporosis, and we are discussing treatments. Our options seem to be Liquid Fosamax (for G-tube) or the new once a year IV drug Reclast. Either way she must have supplemental calcium and Vitamin D. Our daughter's current medications are Tegretol, Klonopin, Depekene, Claratin, Mir-a-lax Prevacid, and Centrum liquid. She recently began Jevity for her tube feeds, after a four-month bout with microscopic colitis, which has resolved. She weighs about 96 pounds and is around 5'4". I am concerned about starting the treatment, as well the consequences of not starting it.. She is non-verbal and cannot tell us about side effects. Any experience with this problem would be appreciated.
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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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