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New additions to Osprey's military history titles are specific, detailed, and perfect additions for collections which go beyond the general interest level. Stuart Reid's THE SCOTTISH JACOBITE ARMY 1945-46 (1846030730, $17.95) tells of an uprising which has been colored and embellished throughout history--but this treatment foregoes some of the color in favor of concrete facts, using the work of historians and modern source references to change the myths and reveal the underlying truths about the event. Pier Paolo Battistelli's ROMMEL'S AFRIKA KORPS: TOBRUK TO EL ALAMEIN (1841769010, $23.95) covers the changing organizational and approaches of German troops in North Africa from their first deployment on the continent to the end of the battle of El Amamein, which affected the outcome of the Western Desert. Charts and maps outline positions, forces, and engagements with close attention to details which changed outcomes. Gordon L. Rottman's US AIRBORNE UNITS IN THE MEDITERRANEAN THEATER 1942-44 (1841769207, $23.95) presents the first of three titles to examine the US airborne divisions of the second world war. The history, makeup and engagements of these early forces would change the outcome of the war. Steven J. Zaloga's REMAGEN 1945: ENDGAME AGAINST THE THIRD REICH (1846030188, $18.95) tells of the aftermath of the Battle of the Bulge, surveying the final battle, its outcome and strategies, and how it influenced the overall defeat of Germans in the West. All are outstanding coverages in-depth military holdings will welcome.
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Title Annotation:The Military Shelf
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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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