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Richard Brooks's WALCHEREN 1944: STORMING HITLER'S ISLAND FORTRESS tells of 1944 (9781849083652, $24.95) when the Allies captured the port city of Antwerp. In order to have access to the city they needed to clear German outposts, including the island of Walcheren, the most fortified stretch of coastline in the world. This reveals the history of one of the last major amphibious operations of the war, offering insights into strategies, challenges, and statistics of the conflicts. Ben Hughes' THEY SHALL NOT PASS! THE BRITISH BATTALION AT JARAMA --THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR (9781849085496, $25.95) tells of how in 1937 a group of idealistic British volunteers sailed from England to battle the Spanish. They achieved the first victory against Franco's army in a battle which proved the must important of the 20th century and which is nearly forgotten today. That's why military history collections must have THEY SHALL NOT PASS, an outstanding and detailed account of a little-known conflict. Gordon L. Rottman's VIETNAM INFANTRY TACTICS (9781849085052, $18.95) comes from an infantry veteran of Vietnam and provides a fine survey of small-unit tactics of the conflict. Photos and color diagrams illustrate coverage of the solutions adopted by the U.S. armed forces during Vietnam and makes for a fine in-depth coverage for any Vietnam history collection. ENDURING FREEDOM: AFGHANISTAN 2001-2010 (9781849085328, $24.95) offers a fine companion volume for FORCE ON FORCE, where players have all the in-depth details needed to recreate the battles in specific areas of the world. From scenarios and mission objectives to combat in Afghanistan and background information, this is intended for military Force on Force players who want the details necessary to re-create actual military scenarios. Highly recommended!

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Date:Oct 1, 2011
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