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Osmara Vindel: president and founder of Osmara Vindel International.

Osmara Vindel has found her smile, and she's not giving it back for anybody or anything.

Instead, the Miami-based entrepreneur coach is helping other women make theirs a more permanent countenance fixture.

For the last two years, Osmara has been loving life as the president and founder of Osmara Vindel International, a one-woman consulting firm that specifically targets women who are on the verge of starting their own businesses or who have recently launched one and are looking for direction.

"I am offering (my clients) freedom and a sense of pride, "Osmara said. "I am offering them the possibility to exceed their own expectations and to start their business and to tangibly see financial results by working with me."

Osmara's approach to consulting starts from the mind and works her way out to the more superficial. She believes that if women don't believe they can be successful, than they never will be. Breaking the walls down of the mind, Osmara said, is the first step in starting a new business, especially for women, many of whom initially have to develop a sense of deservedness over their situation.

"I have a soft spot for this demographic because I walked through the shadows," Osmara said. "I think that's what gives me a fresh approach: my clients relate to me, and I relate to them, and that's very important in a coaching relationship. You can't coach anybody through what you haven't gone through."

Osamra calls herself her ideal client. And for good reason.

A few years ago, she, like those she advises, was stuck in a for-the-paycheck-of-it type of job. Having recently moved to Miami from London, Osmara joined a Florida law firm as a litigation legal assistant. Twenty months later, and budget cuts at the law firm put Osmara back in the same position she was when she got to Miami--unemployed.

What she might have called a crisis back then, Osmara would now proclaim as an opportunity to something better.

Having completed training in business coaching, Osmara recognized the need for women to have a qualified, dedicated partner in their success. The beneficiary of coaching in her own life, Osmara "followed her gut" and decided to start her own business, arguably the first step in her coaching career.

'I didn't know I wanted to coach entrepreneurial women," Osmara said. "I was just so passionate about it that it wasn't a chore to go through the training. It was almost something I couldn't get enough of. I became really passionate about our minds and creating and growing in personal development and evolving. That's when I got the idea that there's a whole career out there that's based on what I love."

What started off as one client (a woman based in Australia) has grown into the burgeoning small business Osmara envisioned it to be, Acknowledging some trepidation in the beginning, the Seattle Pacific University grad uses that as material for her clients, which has steadily grown since she began. Recently completing coursework toward her MBA, Osmara says she can now spend even more time focusing on her business.

She is now the solopreneur she teaches her clients to become, and her website,, is proof of that.

"Solopreneur means you can be anywhere you want, and you can run your business through virtual platforms," she said. "Solopreneur also means lifestyle. It's not about becoming a slave to your business. It's about having it all. I think society, especially in the Latino circles, has programmed us to believe that we can't have it all, and somewhere along the line we bought into that. We based our decisions and what we do on that. I think that this is the age of the solopreneur, one where you can have it all; you can have that rockin' lifestyle."




1) My favorite book is: Too many to choose from! I'll go with my most recent favorite: "Crush it!" by Gary Vaynerchuk.

2) If I could pick any other career in the world. I would be: A Neurosurgeon.

3) I never leave home without: My iPhone.

4) When I have a free afternoon, I like to: Catch up on my current book, take a yoga class or take my pups to the park.

5) My worst habit is: Being impatient.

6) The last movie I saw was: "Red Riding Hood."

7) My favorite thing/brand to wear is: My new Marc Jacobs watch.

8) My favorite place to eat is: Again, too many! Lately, I am really into Lime Fresh Mexican Grill; tasty, frozen sangrias too.

9) One of the things on my bucket list is: My top thing is to see The Northern Lights from one of the Scandinavian countries.
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