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Oslo attacker feared creation of 'several mini Pakistans' all over Europe.

Karachi, July 25 (ANI): The Norwegian terrorist who killed over 90 people in two recent attacks in Oslo, was terrified of the idea of several 'mini Pakistans' appearing all over the map of Europe.

A 1,600-page manifesto titled '2083: A European Declaration of Independence', written by Anders Behring Breivik, showed a picture of the future of Europe, citing poor human rights in Pakistan as the fate of the continent.

In his doomsday scenario for Europe, Breivik predicted that several 'mini-Pakistans' would be created all over Europe by 2083, one in each country due to 'Lebanon-style' conflicts, the Express Tribune reports.

"It could be similar to the division of India after World War II, with the creation of one or several Islamic 'Pakistan' enclaves," he said.

Breivik also claimed that Pakistan is systematically annihilating all non-Muslim communities. He claimed that Hindu girls are being forced to convert to Islam in Sindh.

He described the situation for Christians in Pakistan as being no better, citing Father Emmanuel Asi of the Theological Institute for Laity in Lahore as saying in 2007 that Pakistani Christians are frequently denied equal rights, the paper said.

The inability of Muslim immigrants to assimilate into European society seems to bother him, which he blamed on Muslim parents not allowing their children to adopt European ways.

He also asked why Muslim girls are considered 'off-limits' to everyone, including Muslim boys, and why Muslim men view ethnic Norwegian women as 'whores'.

He railed against multiculturalism, which he blamed for making immigration too easy for Muslims in Europe, the paper said.

"When the veil of multiculturalism disappears, it will be Pakistanis who live in London, Turks who live in Berlin, Algerians who live in Paris and Moroccans who live in Amsterdam. And then the show begins," he said.

He called this 'dramatic demographic shift' the 'Pakistanisation of Europe'. (ANI)

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Publication:Asian News International
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Date:Jul 27, 2011
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