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Oskar Blues releases Deviant Dale's in 16oz.


Deviant Dale's, a double/imperial version of Oskar Blues flagship Dale's Pale Ale, is making its debut this year in 16-ounce cans.

"This will be our first release in 16oz cans, hitting markets March 1st," said OB marketing director Chad Melis. "The plan is for it to be a seasonal through summer at this point."

Deviant Dale's has made frequent appearances in recent years at Oskar Blues taprooms, and last year was sold in an exclusive arrangement through the Old Chicago restaurant chain.

The 8.5% Deviant Dale's gets four hop additions during the brewing process, followed by what Oskar Blues calls "a final wallop of excessive Columbus dry-hopping."

Our tasting panel recently sampled Deviant Dale's, and panelists ranked it as one of the top brands in a flight of imperial IPAs.

"Super intense hops," commented taster Gregg Glaser. "Great taste. Piney resins and alcohol, but enough malt sweetness to carry it through. Finishes dry but keeps on going."

"It smells so good, you wait to taste it," said taster Tom Conti. "All those hops rush through your nasal passages, and you are still smelling that great hop aroma as you drink it. Great balance of hops and malt, good sweetness and mouthfeel. Excellent! Dale's has done it again."
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Date:Jan 27, 2012
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