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Oscar Stagnaro Mariella's Dream.


Regarded by Paquito D'Rivera as "ah extraordinarily solid and competent bassist," Oscar Stagnaro presents his impeccable musical credentials in his first solo outing, coproduced about three years ago by the aforesaid Berklee professor and his guitar-playing homeboy from Lima--the one and only Richie Zellon. Backed by a couple of compatible blood relatives--guitarist Ramon Stagnaro and percussionist Paulo Stagnaro--and other distinguished Latin jazz practitioners (D'Rivera, Zellon, Ed Simon, Alex Acuna, Dave Samuels), Professor Stagnaro offers a refreshing alternative, for the most part, to the usual quintet format employed in the abovementioned hybrid genre, as applied to a repertoire of standards and originals rooted on a wide rhythmic range of Cuban, Peruvia, Brazilian, Colombian and Venezuelan elements. One of the best tracks, Zellon's Rabbi Vallenatowitz, is a jazzified vallenato propelled by D'Rivera's swinging clarinet,

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Author:Tamargo, Luis
Publication:Latin Beat Magazine
Article Type:Resena de audio grabacion
Date:May 1, 2003
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