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Osca QC fleecing senior citizens?

Just recently, I accompanied my grandfather to the Office of Senior Citizens Affairs (Osca) in Quezon City to get a new senior citizen's ID (SC-ID) in lieu of his old ID, which he lost when he last went to see a movie by himself in a nearby theater. He is 74 years old.

I thought getting a replacement ID was no big deal. Much to my shock, we were told to secure an affidavit of loss and pay P100 for the replacement, as if my lolo had committed a grievous sin for losing his SC-ID card. An affidavit now normally costs P150. The actual cost of a new ID is less than P10. Why is Osca making business out of the

miseries of senior citizens?

I got the impression that the exorbitant fee (indeed, a bit too much for old people who no longer have jobs) was meant to discourage lack of care and recklessness in the keeping of their SC-IDs. After going through hellish traffic and finding a parking slot several blocks away from the Osca, the walk was ordeal enough for my lolo even as he held on to my shoulder. Does Osca really think old people lose their SC-IDs on purpose or just for the fun of it?

Why is Osca now imposing so many unnecessary requirements for ID replacements? Why is it charging old people P100 for something that costs less than P10? Why require a sworn statement of the loss? Does it plan on filing perjury charges in case old people lie about such loss? It is not unusual for senior citizens to lose things, period. Most of the young clerks in that office don't seem to understand that.

You people, tandaan nyo: Tatanda rin kayo.

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Jun 23, 2017
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