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As Ebay expands its system with seller stores and more selling opportunities, so McGraw offers a host of new Ebay "how to" titles specifically designed to help beginners take advantage of ebay's many new opportunities. Dennis L. Prince's HOW TO SELL ANYTHING ON EBAY?AND MAKE A FORTUNE! (0071426489, $14.95) provides beginners with all the basics on how to sell on ebay, going beyond the usual set-up instructions to address such issues as choosing the best time of week and month for the strongest sales, phrasing auction listings to attract attention, choosing items with the biggest price potential, and more. Dennis L. Prince and Lynn Dralle's HOW TO SELL ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES ON EBAY AND MAKE A FORTUNE! (0071445692, $14.95) narrows the subject to the popular antiques market, revealing plenty of potential in the online sales of antiques. From locating and pricing collectibles to legal issues and making ebay work for you with customization, this is the place for antiques sellers to begin. Greg Holden's HOW TO DO EVERYTHING WITH EBAY (0072254262, $24.99) does cover 'everything', from buying large, expensive items through live auctions and understanding ebay's schedule to synchronize bidding to locating resalable merchandise and protecting identity online. Both buyers and sellers will find HOW TO DO EVERYTHING WITH EBAY a winner. Once you've learned the basics of how to work on ebay, it's time for something more advanced, and John Cronan and Carole Matthews' BUILD AN EBAY BUSINESS QUICK STEPS (0072261617, $16.99) is the next logical book to turn to. A step-by-step pictorial plan shows how to run a profitable eBay business, from developing a business plan and building inventory to managing listings and sales, setting up and publicizing an eBay store, and more. The color-coded tabs and visual orientation makes this quite an easy primer. Now, it's time to market your creation--use Janelle Elms, Phil Dunn and Amy Balsbaugh's THE 7 ESSENTIAL STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL EBAY MARKETING (0072260912, $16.95) next. Proven techniquesfrom the authors, who are veteran eBay sellers and marketing experts, tell how to establish and build a strong eBay brand, use the seller's toolbox advanced features, coordinate eBay with a separate web site, and much more. These are indispensable eBay handbooks, highly recommended.

Diane C. Donovan

West Coast Editor
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Title Annotation:How to Sell Anything on EBay...and Make a Fortune!; How to Sell Antiques and Collectables on Ebay...and Make a Fortune!; How to Do Everything with EBay (How to Do Everything with S.); Build an Ebay Business Quick Steps; The 7 Essential Steps to Successful EBay Marketing
Author:Donovan, Diane C.
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Date:Oct 1, 2005
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