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Orr Family Farm adds lodging.

Byline: Molly M. Fleming

OKLAHOMA CITY At the beginning of 2018,Orr Family Farm founder and owner Glenn Orr had a thought in the middle of the night. He wanted to add lodging at the popular agritourism destination.<br />"You wonder if this is inspiration or desperation," he said. "It felt so right. The people I've talked with about it are all excited about it."<br />Orr's plans for lodging are more historical than they are modern.He is putting 16 Conestoga wagons and 12 tepees on the property. In total, there will be about 90 beds.<br />Some wagons will sit directly behind the large barn by the parking lot. The other wagons and tepees will be on the property's east side, near a pond that's away from the attractions.<br />The tepee and wagon guestswill haveport-a-potties to use.<br />"It will be real camping," Orr said.<br />Before Orr could wheel in his wagons, the property had to be rezoned from agriculture to a planned unit development, which would allow for the lodging addition. The zoning request was heard before the city's Planning Commission on Thursday.<br />The commission didn't have anysignificant concernsabout the lodging addition. Commission Chairwoman Janis Powers said she wanted the PUD to not include language about allowing a hotel, which was finewith Orr.<br />When the motion for approval was made by Commissioner Scott Cravens, he joked that he doesn't oftenmake motions with the phrase "Conestoga wagons and tepees" in them.<br />The wagons will be set up on the site by Oct. 1, with the tepees coming later. The farm opens for its seasonal operation Sept. 15. They will be bought thenplacedon the property, though the wagons will be able to move so they can be placed into different configurations.Orr is not personally making them, he said.<br />He said he has visited with museums that are planning to encourage visitors to come stay at the farm. When a museum gives him business, he'll make a donation to that entity, he said.<br />"It will be a win-win for everyone," he said.

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Publication:Journal Record (Oklahoma City, OK)
Date:Jul 13, 2018
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