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Original architectural plans for Bin Ladena[euro](tm)s house.

Here are the original architectural plans for the house in Abbottabad, Pakistan where Osama Bin Laden was found and killed last week, as obtained by UK daily The Independent.

According to Andrew Buncombe, a file held by the town's local authorities showed that a man named Arshad Khan filed the plans in the summer of 2004. It also shows that no property tax was ever paid by the occupants of the three-story, eight-bedroom house with the following official address: House No 3, Street No 8-A, Garga Road, Thanda Chowa, Hashmi Colony, Abbottabad. The property is thought to have been completed by September 2005.

Junaid Younis, Modern Associates principal told Mr. Buncombe that his father, Mohammad, made the drawing, liaising with Khan, who is assumed to be the Al Qaeda chief's courier.

"Lots of people come to us," Younis said. "We are more interested in making money rather than the individual."

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