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OriginClear Inc secures purchase order for the installation of EWS:AOx system for leachate treatment in Malaysia.

M2 EQUITYBITES-May 9, 2017-OriginClear Inc secures purchase order for the installation of EWS:AOx system for leachate treatment in Malaysia


Water treatment company OriginClear Inc (OTC/QB:OCLN) reported on Monday the receipt of a commercial scale purchase order for the installation of a EWS:AOx system for leachate treatment in a landfill setting in Malaysia.

This contract was awarded to the company's Joint Venture (JV) in Malaysia, OriginClear Water Solutions (OWS), from Envirogard based in Malaysia.

Under the contract, OWS will retrofit an underperforming landfill leachate treatment system with an EWS:AOx system. The required capacity is 100 m3 of waste water per day that will be increased to 400 m3 (more than 100,000 gallons) per day to manage peak flows during the rainy season beginning in October.

The company said the EWS:AOx system will be retrofitted to an existing conventional treatment system at a landfill operation located in Negeri Sembilan, the Malaysian state south of the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. An Envirogard team will use a few existing basins in the current system to install EWS:AOx components.

According to the company, rainwater causes runoff from landfills which is extremely difficult to treat, as the dense debris and high contamination level quickly overload membranes and filters. This runoff is called leachate, or "black water." The tests have shown that EWS:AOx effectively clarifies landfill leachate to avoid such overloads.

Scheduled for July, this is the first commercial rollout of EWS:AOx in a landfill setting, concluded the company.

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Date:May 9, 2017
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