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Oriented films from improved propylene polymers.

Oriented Films From Improved Propylene Polymers: No. 7,026,040; Aspy Mehta, Michael Chen, Chon-Yie Lin, James Mcalpin, Anthony Speca and Kelly Tormaschy, assigned to Exxon Mobil Chemical Patents Inc., Houston, TX. Filed 8/31/04. Issued 4/11/06.

A film comprising a crystalline propylene polymer composition has been patented. The film comprises from 10 to 90 weight percent of a crystalline propylene homopolymer composition featuring a first propylene homopolymer and a second propylene homopolymer. The film also comprises from 90 to 10 weight percent of a crystalline propylene copolymer composition comprising a first propylene copolymer and a second propylene copolymer, the first propylene copolymer and second propylene copolymer comprising from 0.05 to 15 weight percent of a comonomer based on the total weight of the crystalline propylene polymer composition. The crystalline propylene polymer composition has a molecular weight distribution (Mw/Mn) in the range of from 2.1 to 10. The propylene homopolymer composition and the propylene copolymer composition are obtained in separate stages using a single metallocene catalyst system comprising two different metallocene catalyst components.

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Date:May 1, 2006
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